5 Benefits of Choosing James Hardie Siding for Your Missouri Home

James Hardie siding

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Let’s discuss the many benefits of installing James Hardie siding in your home. It’s arguably the most popular brand of siding in Missouri, owing to its novel fiber cement material and ingenuity.

Here are some terrific reasons why you should consider choosing the James Hardie brand for your next siding project.

Background on James Hardie Siding

You may recall one of our earlier posts on why this is the best brand of fiber cement siding available. We’re not alone in that assessment either, but let’s provide a brief background into the brand and explain why it’s so reliable.

The James Hardie company has been around since the 1980s and has earned a strong reputation as an innovator in the siding industry. They produce what’s known as “fiber cement siding,” which provides many advantages over traditional wood and vinyl materials. Their product line is nearly limitless in terms of styles and colors, and their materials are much more resistant to bad weather and nuisances.

5 Benefits to Using James Hardie Siding

It doesn’t matter if you need Kansas City siding, St Louis siding installation, or anywhere in between – James Hardies is simple the best siding for Missouri homeowners. Here are what we consider the five primary benefits of choosing this premium siding brand.

  • It’s Highly Durable
    You’ll hear this a lot from anybody who’s worked on or purchased fiber-cement siding. It’s durable, even more so than vinyl, which isn’t too shabby either, as long as it is a good quality vinyl siding. While there may be some maintenance involved, if you keep up with things, this siding could last multiple decades.
  • It Can Handle Cold, Hot, & Windy Weather
    Many traditional siding materials will eventually succumb to UV rays from the sun, warping in the cold, or eroding from windy storm weather. The James Hardie variety gives you a big edge in this department. It’s not only well-insulated, but it won’t deteriorate as fast.
  • Animals and Bugs Won’t Destroy It
    Wood siding forces you to contend with all sorts of problems like termites and woodpeckers. James Hardie makes siding from fiber cement, which totally skirts this aggravating problem. Fortunately, Missouri is not a natural habitat for “cement peckers,” so you’re safe from that issue.
  • It Adds Lots of Curb Appeal
    We’ve seen communities where you almost MUST use premium siding because there’s too much stigma against other materials like vinyl. That just illustrates how much the James Hardie brand will cultivate greater home value and curb appeal. If you don’t believe us, drive around rich neighborhoods and check out their siding. If you can ask them what kind it is, they’ll probably mention James Hardie or a similar premium fiber cement.
  • It’s Energy Efficient
    One of the reasons they invented fiber-cement siding was to find a better alternative to wood and vinyl for insulation purposes. This siding material is sturdy against intrusive air, and water as well. Wood, in particular, struggles mightily with water absorption and wood rot. You don’t experience this difficulty with fiber cement.

Other Advantages to James Hardie Materials

James Hardie siding is also more fire-resistant, and you have more options if you want to paint over it. We get many customers who want to replace the old Masonite siding with this style. Masonite is an obsolete siding material and is no longer produced, but we find it in old homes where the owners want to refurbish with a more reliable second envelope of siding.

As a company, James Hardie provides excellent customer service. They also do a terrific job training siding contractors, and always stand by all warranty claims. While hanging siding isn’t something you can do very well as a homeowner, you can get top-notch results if you hire a contractor like Como.

Call CoMo Exteriors for All Your Siding Purposes

We hope we’ve made a good case for this exceptional siding brand. CoMo happens to be the only Elite Preferred Contractor for James Hardie siding installation in Mid-Missouri. Don’t worry though, because it’s not your only option, and we regularly assist homeowners with several other siding styles.

All of our installation technicians have the skills and training to hang any siding on any home regardless of complexity. Choosing CoMo for your next siding, roof, windows, or doors project means you get the benefit of 5-star quality work. We base that off our nearly perfect rating on Google Reviews, as well as our status as a Top Rated Exterior Remodeler, according to BloggerLocal.

Call us today to get your free estimate for installing James Hardie siding on your Missouri home.

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