5 Reasons You Should Care About Replacing Your Windows

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It’s no secret that replacing your windows is a financial investment. But the reality is, it pays dividends right away by increasing the value of your home. From energy efficiency to curb appeal, check out these five reasons you should consider replacing your windows.

Energy Efficiency

Columbia and Jefferson City weather can be a little extreme, can’t it? Bitter cold winters, followed by scorching hot summers, and at certain times of the year it feels like it can jump from one season to another in the space of a day. The outcome? Over time, old window seals can let drafts in and let heat out. And that’s not the only way.

Do you have single pane glass in your windows? Double pane windows are better insulated and provide you with greater cost-savings. And don’t miss that condensation build up in winter months. When warm inside air meets cold outside air, windows can show condensation build up – which is a sign your windows are no longer functioning properly and replacing your windows is the best option.


In recent months, many of us have been home a lot more than usual. Having nice windows to look through has never been more important. We’ve even discovered how nice it is to open them and let the fresh air come through that is, if you can open them. Do your windows stick? Opening and closing your windows shouldn’t be part of your workout routine. Here at CoMo, our windows are built to last. Rest assured, you’ll be able to open them without breaking a sweat.


Do you have noise issues you want to take care of? Maybe you don’t want to hear your neighbor’s barking dog, or the noise from the street. Or perhaps you don’t want your neighbors to hear your kids screaming and shouting at the top of their lungs. Sometimes keeping noise inside is a huge need. Just ask our team, we get it. Whether you are trying to keep noise out or trying to keep it in, new windows are much better insulated, so they’ll have you covered.

Curb Appeal

Whether you want to have the nicest house on the block or you are simply looking to improve the look of your home, replacing your old windows with ones that have a new modern design will get the pop you are looking for. New windows can make a huge difference in the value of your home, and of course the way it looks from the inside and outside.

Long-Term Investment

In our experience, many times our customers don’t focus enough on the long-term investment of their home. Windows are such a valuable upgrade – window replacement always lands in the top ten home improvement projects to increase the value of your home.

Let our experienced team help you!

If you are considering replacing your windows, let us help you. CoMo Exteriors provides some of the best windows on the market – durable, with lots of options to choose from, and we have the best installers in the area! Our installers have years of experience and they specialize only in window installation.

CoMo offers Energy Star certified windows and financing is also available through the company.

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