At CoMo Premium Exteriors we not only offer the best services but we also honor those who have served us for so long. Yes, we offer special discounts on our services for Veterans and Senior citizens. We value our heroes and our hard working people and we think you deserve the best but at a lower cost than the rest of the people.

We offer special discounts on all types of Residential, and commercial roofing, Siding and Window installations. Let us look at these discount categories separately:

Military Discount:

We offer $300 off on Roofing this includes Re-roofing and new roofing as well. That is not all, our discounts are also available on siding. Under the siding category, we offer you $300 discount on vinyl siding and Up to $500 on James Hardie Installations.

Mizzou Employee Discount:

We offer up to 10% off Installation services discount to the University of Missouri employees.

VU Employee Discount:

Under our employee discount program, we also offer up to 10% off discount to the veterans united employees. These discounts are applicable to all the full-time and half-time employees at Veterans United.

Senior Citizens Discount:

Our services are not limited only to veterans instead we offer them to the senior citizens as well. Under this discount, we offer $300 off on roofing, siding and windows installation.

Referral Program:

We are bringing you the best offer for a limited time by offering a $50 Gift Card for every referral you manage to give us. Yes, just a referral! Each time your friend or family member or colleague purchases a new roof from CoMo Premium Exteriors a $50 Gift Card will come your way.

These are not the only discounts we offer, we also offer many different discounts for our Facebook and Social Media fans.