Employee discount

Veteran United Home Loans have been VA loan destination for quite some time. They grow and establish into one of the highly successful home loan service providers in the region.

They put together a lot of hard work to keep the company up and running. So in order to honor them, we are proud to offer up to 10% percent discount to all VU employees for roofing, siding, and window installation services.

Yes, that’s right. Staying true to the motto of making the American dream of homeownership a reality for those who so bravely served we have come up with this new discount package.

The best thing about our offer is that it is literally for each and every one of VU employees. Therefore, all the full-time or even part-time employees are eligible for this discount program.

Details of Discount: the mentioned discount is for roofing, sidings, windows replacement services, and decks.

Terms and Conditions:

The employees who are interested in availing these discounts should be residents of Missouri. All you have to do is to print the proof of your residence along with your employment letter and mail it to us or you can give it to our sales representative who can collect it.

However, it should be noted that this discount offer is not valid with any other such offers or services provided by the company.