What Are the Best Options for Residential Gutter Replacement?

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From time to time, you’ll need to consider residential gutter replacement options for your home. It can be tough to determine what size of gutter you need, whether there is rotten fascia that will need to be replaced if gutter guards would be beneficial, and to answer any other questions.

But you don’t have to! CoMo Premium Exteriors can answer everything you need to know and more. Let’s break down the best options for residential gutter replacement in detail.

What Kind of Roof Do You Have?

Different sizes of gutters and different gutter systems are ideal for different homes. Lots of factors can affect ideal gutter systems, including:

  • The type of roof you have. For example, watersheds much more quickly off of metal roofs compared to roofs made of other materials
  • The direction or slant of your roof. Roofs with a steeper pitch will also shed water much more quickly
  • How susceptible is your roof to ice buildup? If it’s heavily susceptible, ice buildup can lead to ice damming, which may lead to damage later down the road
  • Where your downspout is located in your home and if there are enough of them to handle water flow adequately

Figuring out how these factors affect your home is important before deciding on gutters.

5-Inch Gutters: Great for Most Missouri Homes

While the right choice may vary from home to home, most Missouri homeowners will benefit from 5-inch gutter replacements. Why?

5-inch gutter replacements are the perfect size to get rid of most downflowing water and debris. Plus, 5-inch gutter systems are usually more affordable than larger 6” gutter systems that you may not fully need.

Some homeowners attempt to eliminate water flow or other issues by installing larger gutter systems. But in many of these cases, downspout placement and other factors will affect this problem more than the size of the gutters themselves.

Best Options for Residential Gutter Replacement: Downspout Decisions

As noted above, you have to keep downspout placement in mind when choosing residential gutter replacements.

Some Missouri homeowners can get by just fine with 2×3 inch downspouts placed in standard locations, which are typically at the corners of the home and at isolated sections. If you contract CoMo Premium Exteriors, you’ll find that we put oversized 3×4 downspouts on most homes for extra water flow potential, to minimize debris clogging, and to minimize ice damming.  The cost difference between 3×4 downspouts versus 2×3 downspouts is very small, and sometimes the same cost, with CoMo Premium Exteriors.  Our goal is always to get the best solution for your home at a fair price, and so we typically always install 3×4 downspouts to ensure the water coming off your roof is getting away from your home as quickly as possible.

When is a 6-Inch Gutter Ideal?

6-inch gutters are sometimes ideal for larger homes or those with metal, slanted roofs. These larger gutters are beneficial because they drain water more quickly than their smaller counterparts.

Ultimately, however, contracting professionals like CoMo Premium Exteriors is the best way to determine which residential gutter replacement is ideal for your needs.  In addition, if you have a metal roof that is prone to ice damning, or there is a fear of ice build-up that may come off the roof onto someone, then we can also provide advice regarding different types of snow and ice guards that work best in Missouri.

CoMo Premium Exteriors Seamless Residential Gutter Replacements

One of the benefits of contracting CoMo Premium Exteriors is access to Seamless Residential Gutter Replacements. This means that all gutter pieces will be cut perfectly to length and you’ll only see seams at the inside and outside miters (i.e. corners). This results in an aesthetically and functionally superior gutter system compared to most alternatives.

As you can see, the best options for residential gutter replacements are usually 5-inch or 6-inch gutters. However, you must keep downspout location, roof material, and other factors in mind when selecting gutters for your home.

Contact CoMo Premium Exteriors for more information about residential gutter replacement and to set up an appointment today!

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