What are the Differences Between James Hardie and LP Smart Siding?

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Whether it’s time to upgrade your siding because you want to update the curb appeal of your home, or you experienced storm damage to your siding, it can be tough to decide between LP Smart Siding and James Hardie. If you’re not sure how these two types of siding differ from each other, you’re not alone. There are some key differences between the two, so we’re going to take a look at how they differ to help you figure out what would be the best choice for your home.

James Hardie vs. LP Smart Siding

The biggest difference between James Hardie and LP Smart Siding is in the core. James Hardie siding is a great choice for anyone that wants a really long-lasting siding because it has a cement core with a baked-on paint on the outside. Because of the cement core, James Hardie siding is great for high-humidity areas because it won’t expand when moisture is introduced. This also means that it can be installed as is without taking expansion into account.

LP Smart Siding, on the other hand, is made of resin and wood chips. This means that it can be worked with exactly like wood. We can use the same tools and methods used with any other wooden materials. The tricky thing about wood is that it expands, so we need to take into account the space needed during installation.

Installation and Application

When installing siding, there are many things to consider. The type of material the siding is made from impacts the rest of the project. If James Hardie siding is being installed, we don’t need to allow extra space for expansion. Without the gaps, it’s easy to apply the trim without needing to consider how much expansion there’s going to be.

With LP Smart Siding, your contractor will need to allow extra space for the siding to expand with the changes in moisture. Homes in CoMo are no strangers to humid weather, so wood siding will definitely need the extra space. The way the trim is applied and the way the boards butt into each other is going to be different than with cement core siding.

The Best Siding for Your Home: James Hardie or LP Smart Siding?

As a contractor, CoMo Premium Exteriors is a lead James Hardie installer, so that’s the main type of siding that we work with. However, many homeowners we work with prefer LP Smart Siding.

When you’re picking your siding, some things are going to factor into your choice, from the cost of the project to the look you’re going for. As siding professionals, we talk to homeowners to find out exactly what they’re looking for. We find out what problem they’re looking to solve and talk to them about different options. Depending on the look and texture they want, James Hardie could be the best option, while LP Smart Siding is better for other situations.

CoMo Premium Exteriors is Here to Help With Your Siding Needs

If you’re thinking about an exterior remodeling project, CoMo is ready to be your trusted siding professional. Our experienced, local team is ready to collaborate with you on what you want and what your home needs, so we can find the best solution together. Whether you’ve decided on a siding material or need to ask a few questions, reach out to CoMo Premium Exteriors today to get started.

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