What Are The Signs That I Need Gutter System Replacement?

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Let’s check out the most obvious signs that you may need new gutters for your home. Sometimes your gutters just need to be cleaned, but if after cleaning them they continue to pool water or overflow, then it is most likely time for a replacement. Gutters come in a couple sizes, which we’ll explain, and show you what to look for when it’s time for a gutter system replacement.

Common Signs You Need to Replace Your Gutters

What factors determine when you need to replace your gutter system?

It usually depends on the condition of the home and your goals as a homeowner. If you have leaks in the gutters or at the miters, then they might be beyond repair. Also, if you’re experiencing basement flooding and can’t find out why, then the gutters could be the culprit.

Your home improvement goals will play a role as well if you pursue a full exterior replacement. When you’re in the middle of changing out the roof or siding, then it’s smart to replace your gutters at the same time. You want the colors and style to match as much as possible to enhance your overall exterior aesthetic.

Finally, when you notice lots of water over-shooting your gutters following a major rainstorm, then you should have CoMo Premium Exteriors come for an inspection. Many times gutters can come loose because the wood they are attached to has rotted. In those cases, the solution is to replace your gutters and repair the rotted fascia boards at the same time. Many homeowners opt to “wrap” their fascia in color matched aluminum when they replace their gutters. This is the most cost effective time to do this work and it keeps homeowners from having to paint fascia boards in the future.

How Long Should Gutters Last?

How long do gutters last?

In Missouri, your gutters might last between 15 and 20 years, but they could deteriorate faster (perhaps within 10 years) if we experience extended periods of bad weather such as heavy snow and ice. If your gutters are not flowing correctly because they were not installed correctly or because they are full of leaves, then ice and snow can accumulate and cause the gutters to pull away from the house. The end result is gutters that are not sloped toward the downspouts, so water pools instead of draining.

Top Options for Gutter Replacement

What are the best options for residential gutter replacement? Here’s a little guidance on how to select the best styles and sizes.

  • Match Gutters with Your Roof
    • Like we said, most homeowners will seek to coordinate their gutter colors with the rest of their roof, siding, and so forth. It is also a good time to wrap old wood fascia and soffit in aluminum that matches your gutters.
  • Gutter Sizes – 5-inch or 6-inch?
    • 5-inch gutters are the right choice for most homes in Missouri. They’re more cost effective than the larger ones, and they do a more than adequate job handling water flow and debris. You may, however, wish to select 6-inch gutters for a home with a steeper slant or one with a metal roof. Metal material causes the water to flow much faster.
  • Downspout Sizes
    • You’ll normally find downspouts in one of two sizes: 2X3 or 3X4. While you can do fine with the smaller 2X3 option, we believe the 3X4 size is more effective, and doesn’t cost much more to install.

Call CoMo Premium Exteriors Today for Effective Gutter System Replacement

Hopefully, this serves as an introductory guide for evaluating and replacing gutters. You have a better chance of achieving the full lifespan on your gutters, roof, and other exterior components if you let a professional help you. That’s why we offer our services as licensed and insured installers.

Our clients in central Missouri have hired us to install aluminum, copper, box-style, and half-round gutters onto their homes. Through a commitment to 100% customer satisfaction, we’ve earned several positive testimonials and the distinction of Best Roofers in Columbia from groups like Expertise.com.

Contact CoMo Premium Exteriors to learn more about gutter system replacement for your Mid-Missouri home.

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