What Are The Best Deck Materials?

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Today, we’re going to examine the best deck materials in today’s home improvement market. We enjoy building new decks for homeowners because they offer a huge functional improvement to the exterior. It’s a great place to relax in the evening, host parties, or listen to the birds chirp while studying.

With all that in mind, selecting appropriate deck materials can make all the difference in its lifespan.

The Best Deck Materials: Composite Versus Treated Wood

When we’re looking at deck materials, it all depends on the homeowner’s needs. The product selection will hinge upon usage and expected longevity.

For example, if you’re a homeowner out in Fulton and raising children, then you probably want to be outside on your deck having fun with them. You may decide to live there for 30 years and want something to last that long. Therefore, you need something durable and in cases like that, we’d recommend a composite material with an aluminum rail.

Then again, if you have a home in Beauville, and you just need something safe for simple usage (low foot traffic overall), then treated lumber would work fine. This includes a treated lumber handrail that would require treatment every six months.

Treated materials are still durable, but require more maintenance. Composite materials are the most premium option because they’re an even better guarantee with less upkeep hassle. It all depends on your homeowner objectives and what you expect out of a backyard deck.

TimberTech Composite Decking: Our Preferred Composite Brand

If you recall our previous post on why we recommend TimberTech composite decking for your home, we explained the many advantages of choosing that outstanding brand. It comes in several gorgeous colors like Mahogany, and the company issues solid 25 and 50-year warranties for fading and staining. Here’s a quick recap on the advantages of TimberTech composite wood:

  • Superior Longevity & Durability – This deck material can help you weather storms, handle foot traffic, and support heavy items like patio furniture or grilles.
  • Easy Maintenance – Like we said, it’s easy to keep composite decks in great shape. By contrast, traditional wood will expose you to a plethora of problems like termites, woodpeckers, fading, and wood rot.
  • Gorgeous Composite Wood – This is not cheap imitation material either. You can find TimberTech colors and shades that rival even the nicest cedar decks.
  • You Won’t Burn Your FeetWood is so hot in the summer, but composite material can reflect the intense UV rays that ordinarily turn your deck into a steel burner. Avoid that problem with TimberTech’s innovative AZek boards that keep your deck much cooler.

Don’t DIY Your Deck Installation

Also, we hope you’ll hire a professional installation crew (like CoMo Premium Exteriors) to do this task for you. There are a few reasons you should resist the urge to install a deck by yourself.

  • It takes a lot of complex work to install a deck the right way. This often requires large equipment like excavators or bobcats.
  • If you have children, you can’t afford to make an installation error and produce something unsafe.
  • A lot of DIY decks don’t look that great.
  • If the deck looks sloppy, it ultimately devalues your property.

Select the Best Deck Materials by Choosing CoMo Premium Exteriors

We’re glad to help any Mid-Missouri area client build a sturdy and long-lasting deck rather than resort to a problematic DIY approach. Our guys are great at making decks of any level of complexity (10X10 decks, three-story decks, and beyond). We have full licensing, training, and insurance to take on any major renovation projects.

Find out how well we’ve served folks in Columbia and Jefferson City by consulting our evaluations on Google Reviews, with our sterling 4.8 out of 5.0 star score. We will do the job right the first time, arrive on time, and honor all service warranties.

So, don’t delay any longer, and contact CoMo Premium Exteriors to find out how to use the best deck materials on your next big project.

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