What are the Signs You Need to Replace Your Front Door?

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The front door of your home plays several significant roles, from security, to curb appeal and even energy efficiency. As a homeowner, knowing the signs that indicate that it’s time to replace your front door is vital to keeping the overall integrity and positive appearance of your property. We’re going to dig into some of the biggest, most serious, or most obvious signs that you might need to replace your front door, and who you can trust to help.

What are the Signs You Need to Replace Your Front Door?

There are several potential signs that tell you your front door is past its prime, and should likely be replaced. These issues commonly lead to increases in the cost of energy, as well as diminished security, and a generally less attractive appearance.

If There’s An Air Gap

An air gap around your front door is a clear sign that it needs to be replaced, and this is even more urgent if you can see daylight anywhere around your door. A well-sealed door should keep out all drafts, as well as cut down significantly on exterior noise. It should contribute to a comfortable temperature, but over time the seals and weatherstripping can wear out, allowing air transfer and loss of insulative qualities.

If The Door Is Damaged Or Degrading

Visible damage or degradation to a door is a sure sign that its effectiveness has been significantly reduced. It’s likely also suffering from a diminished appearance. Cracks, peeling, warping, and more are signs that your door has reached the end of its useful life, and now needs to be replaced. While the reductions in appearance are significant, a damaged door can also represent a drastic loss of security, allowing criminals to more easily enter the home. Replacing the door with a new, sturdy front door is an ideal way to reduce this risk.


Many doors that have wooden components are susceptible to rot, particularly front doors that see moist conditions over long periods of time. Even doors that are well maintained can suffer damage from exposure to moisture over a long enough time frame. If you notice signs of rot, like soft or discolored wood, it’s probably time to consider getting a replacement. Upgrading to a new door made from fiberglass or even steel can provide increased resistance to rot.

If You’re Doing Major Exterior Remodeling

Installing a new door frequently requires breaking seals for your siding, so there’s no better time to consider potentially replacing your front door than when you’re considering updating the siding for your home. By using a contractor that works with both siding and front door installation, you can have it installed during the siding process, once the old siding is off and before the new siding is applied. This provides the best opportunity to have the door installed and sealed perfectly before installing the siding and applying all the finishing touches.

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