What Type of Replacement Window Options Are Available for Missouri Homeowners?

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When Missouri homeowners decide it is time to replace their windows there are many window options and features to consider. These options can seem a little daunting, but with the help of CoMo Premium Exteriors, we can provide information to make an informed and educated decision.

Let’s break down in detail the replacement window options you might find when you contract CoMo Premium Exteriors.

The Options Are Limitless

Good news – there are practically no limitations to the replacement window options available to you! When it comes to replacing windows, the only essential factors are:

  • The window has to fit the existing opening (unless you want to pay extra to expand or contract it)
  • The window has to be within your budget

That’s it! Because of this flexibility, homeowners have many ways in which they can improve their energy efficiency, upgrade their windows, and improve their homes’ resale values.

Factors to Consider

Homeowners in Missouri should consider several major factors when researching their replacement window options and features.

Type of Replacement Window Options Are Available for Missouri Homeowners: Window Style

First, consider the window style you may want for your replacement windows. Some of the most popular window styles include:

  • Sliding windows
  • Casement windows
  • Fixed and picture windows
  • Double-hung windows
  • Single-hung windows
  • And specialty windows

Each of these window styles offers unique benefits and looks. For example, casement windows allow for more unobstructed views and typically swing out to the left or right instead of sliding up and down. Sliding windows, such as single-hung and double-hung windows, are easy to use and install, as well as the most cost-effective. Fixed or picture windows don’t open which offers additional security, and typically provides more clear glass for outside viewing.

Consider how you will use and interact with your replacement windows carefully before buying.  By knowing your end goals you will make better purchasing decisions about the style of the window and its features.

Window Materials

CoMo Premium Exteriors specializes in all types of windows, installing hundreds of vinyl, wood, fiberglass, and commercial windows every year. Each window material type, operating type, and feature come with distinct benefits and downsides – for instance, wood windows are often aesthetically more pleasing, but are pricier and require more maintenance than vinyl windows.

You should also consider the type of glass used for the windows you plan to replace. Many modern windows now come with energy-efficient glass that can keep your home’s temperature more stable and protected from the elements outside.

Type of Replacement Window Options Are Available for Missouri Homeowners: Home Style/Aesthetics

Don’t forget to think about the overall style or aesthetic of your home as well. Some windows simply go better with different home types based on their frame, architectural elements, and building materials.

Integrated Features

Today’s modern windows come with integrated features that provide different looks, energy efficiency, and usefulness.  Such popular Missouri window features include integrated blinds, grids, UV coatings, triple-pane glass with argon gas, safety features, and so much more.  To understand which option is best for you and how it impacts your budget, it is important to sit down with an expert window installation company like CoMo Premium Exteriors.

Type of Replacement Window Options Are Available for Missouri Homeowners: Devices and Security

Lastly, many homeowners in Missouri may wish to replace their windows with new versions that come with opening devices or security features, such as remote openers or security latches. These can be critical decisions if you wish to secure your home against potential threats like burglary.

All Windows from Como Premium Exteriors Come with Screens

All in all, Missouri homeowners do not need to worry about not finding the perfect replacement window for their needs. At CoMo Premium Exteriors, we’re dedicated to helping you decide on the best replacement window options for your home’s size, style, and unique budget requirements.

If you need help identifying the best type of replacement window options for your house, contact CoMo Premium Exteriors today, and let’s set up an appointment.

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