Free Inspection

Do you need a Free Roof Inspection? We are here to serve you. We promise you will be glad you chose CoMo Premium Exteriors for your project.

Free Roof, Siding and Window Inspection

You saved your pennies. You worked extra hours. You sacrificed vacations, dinners out, and other luxuries to buy your home.  So, when the roof, literally, blows off your house, or your Roof, Siding or Windows are damaged by a passing hail storm, you want the best Residential roofing contractor to replace the roof on your most valuable asset.

free roof inspection columbia mo

CoMo Premium Roofing and Exteriors wants to be your trusted, go-to contractor when your home needs a new roof, Siding, or Window. CoMo Exteriors is one of the fastest-growing residential, Commercial Roofing and Siding contractors in the state.

Specializing in new roof installations, we work with both residential homeowners and small businesses. We also put new roofs on churches, apartments, and other types of commercial buildings.

Roof Replacement Expert

We will work with your insurance adjuster as much as possible to make their job easier and make your life easier. The insurance adjuster’s job is to represent the interest of the insurance company; our job is to serve your best interest.

We are highly knowledgeable roofing material and procurement specialists, and we are skilled at roof replacement. We take pride in every roof we replace or construct, and you can count on CoMo Premium Roofing and Exteriors to be available long after your roofing project is complete. If a warranty situation ever comes up, you can rest assured that CoMo Premium Exteriors will be there for you.

Financing Available for Roof Replacement projects; 3-18 months, 0% interest, and more!

Emergency Roofing Services

Highly conscientious, we, at CoMo Premium, will respond to your roofing emergency promptly. When you experience a roofing emergency, we will help you stop the immediate damage to your home by installing a tarp to prevent further inside damage, help you decide what roofing materials to use to repair your damaged home, work with your insurance adjuster, expertly install your new roof, and be there for any future roofing needs you may have.

Free Roofing Inspection

If you have concerns about your roof after a weather-related or any other event that may have damaged your roof, we offer free roof inspections.  When you suspect your roof has sustained damage as a result of hail, rain, wind, snow and ice, condensation, moss and algae, a fallen tree or tree branch, or any other condition where a roof replacement may be necessary, we’ll inspect your roof for free to evaluate your particular situation and help you determine if you need a roof replacement or not. If so, we offer you these free upgrades as a benefit if you don’t already have them.

  • Metal Valleys
  • Ice & water shield around valleys, pipe boots, and roof vents
  • High impact resistant shingles
  • Ridge vent