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ATTENTION: Hail has hit Fulton, Centralia, and Columbia on March 14th. Call us for a free inspection and advice on handling your insurance claims.

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ExcellentComo Premium Exteriors4.7 Based on 433 reviews fromSee all reviews review us onLevi A. ★★★★★ Wes and the team at Como Premium Exteriors are amazing!! Highly recommend!Michael B. ★★★★★ CoMo Premium did an outstanding and thorough job. The house looks beautiful. The company assigned Boyd to the project as he oversaw all the work. We had an outdated chimney removed, got new siding and gutters, and other details. The company came highly recommended, and now we recommend them as well.Ted T. ★★★★★ Kody was amazing. He was always very professional, and did a great job at replacing my roof. Definitely recommend.Kristofer A. ★★★★★ Kody did an amazing job at replacing our roofPatrick M. ★★★★★ Kody was our rep and fantastic. Roof and gutters look great. We came in with hail damage so a lot of folks all in line with us which meant it took a bit but they were honest upfront on timeline and even replaced some items the day of estimate to ensure our property was protected until they could come out and replace the whole roof.Wallace F. ★★★★★ Siding looks great and Kyle is great to work with!js_loader
Successful Hail Roof Repair and Replacement in Columbia MO service area

Expert Hail Damage Repair in Mid Missouri

After a storm, your home’s safety and beauty are our top priority. Our team specializes in hail damage repair, offering roof replacement and siding restoration to protect your home.

Why Choose Us for Hail Damage Repair?

We’re dedicated to your satisfaction, ensuring high-quality repairs that bring peace of mind.

Comprehensive Services for a Resilient Home

  • Expert Roofing Solutions: We repair hail-damaged roofs to make them weather-resistant.
  • Durable Siding Restoration: We fix or replace damaged siding for better storm protection.
  • Energy-Efficient Window Upgrades: We install energy-efficient windows to enhance and protect your home.

Let us prove our commitment to excellence in roof hail damage repair throughout Mid Missouri. Trust in our expertise to not only repair but rejuvenate your home, making it safe, stylish, and secure. Your home deserves the best protection and care; let us show you why we should be your first choice as roofing contractor for hail damage recovery.

The Process

Conduct Detailed

We inspect your roof, siding, and windows for hail impacts and structure integrity, ensuring accurate reports for insurance claims.

We Document

All observed damages are thoroughly documented with photos and detailed notes, emphasizing the hail impact for insurance purposes.

File Insurance

With the detailed report prepared, guidance is provided throughout the insurance claim process, aimed at achieving a seamless experience.

Schedule Planned

Upon claim approval, repair work is efficiently organized, focusing on restoring the home’s condition with high-quality materials.

Financing Available for Roofing, Siding, Window Installation, and Decks: 12 months to 10 year plans, some with 0% interest.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Roofing Company:

When fixing hail damage, picking the right roofing company matters a lot. Stay away from storm chasers—companies that rush in after storms, often doing a rushed and poor job.

  • Local Company: Pick a nearby company with a solid local reputation.
  • No Pressure: Choose firms that give you time, without rush.
  • Insurance Check: Verify their insurance and licensing is up to date.
  • Clear Talks: They communicate openly and explain steps.
  • Great Reviews: Positive feedback indicates trustworthiness.
  • Good Materials: Insist on high-quality materials for repairs.
  • Solid Warranty: Seek firms offering at least a 5-year warranty.
  • Process Insight: They outline their repair process clearly.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Hail Damage

Hail can damage a house in several ways, depending on the size, speed, and density of the hailstones. Commonly affected areas include the roof, where hail can break, displace, or bruise shingles, leading to leaks and structural damage. Siding, windows, and doors can also suffer from dents, cracks, and breakages. The extent of damage often varies, influencing the need for repairs or replacements to ensure the home’s integrity.

Yes, a slate roof can be damaged by hail. Slate is a durable roofing material, but it is not immune to the impacts of hail. Large hailstones or a severe hailstorm can crack, break, or dislodge slate tiles, compromising the roof’s effectiveness and potentially leading to leaks. It’s crucial to inspect a slate roof after a hailstorm and consult with a professional roofing contractor experienced in slate repair. This can ensure you know the extent of all roof damage.

After hail hits, first ensure that it’s safe to go outside, then inspect your property for visible signs of storm damage to the roof, siding, windows, and doors. If you notice hail damage, document all damages with photos and detailed notes for insurance purposes. It’s advisable to contact a professional repair service like CoMo Premium Exteriors for an in-depth assessment. Lastly, initiate an insurance claim to cover the repair costs.

Determining the severity of damage that warrants an insurance claim involves a thorough inspection. Look for significant damages like large dents on siding, broken or missing shingles, cracked windows, and other structural damages. Consulting with a professional like CoMo Premium Exteriors can provide clarity on the extent of the damage and whether it meets your insurance policy’s criteria for filing a claim.

Yes, CoMo Premium Exteriors is well-equipped to assist homeowners throughout the insurance claims process for hail damage. Although we cannot represent you directly due to State of Missouri regulations, our expertise and experience with insurance companies position us as a valuable resource. We offer pre-claim inspection services and can provide assessments to your adjuster, ensuring a smooth and informed process. Our sales representatives are knowledgeable about the intricacies of insurance claims and are dedicated to offering you peace of mind.

CoMo Premium Exteriors works closely with insurance adjusters by conducting thorough inspections that align with what insurance companies typically look for when assessing roof repairs. Our inspectors are trained to identify hail damage, such as a specific number of hail marks or lifted shingles per roof slope. We mark these damages with chalk for easy reference, mirroring the inspection process used by adjusters. This approach helps us accurately determine the viability of submitting a claim and ensures that you receive an honest assessment of the damage, guiding you on whether to proceed with a claim. Our familiarity with the adjusters’ criteria and our daily interactions with them enable us to provide insights that could significantly impact the outcome of your claim.

Yes! Even hail smaller than 1 inch can damage a roof. Some hail damage isn’t visible without a proper inspection.

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