What Can I Expect for Residential Window Replacement Cost?

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We’d like to discuss a few window replacement cost factors that may influence how you approach a new installation. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of window styles and strengths, so there’s something for every budget. Here, we’ll show you how CoMo Premium Exteriors helps homeowners think about window installation in Mid-Missouri.

Material Styles & Energy Efficiency Concerns

We always start by looking over what you already have in your home, but also what you want/need to change. It’s all about addressing your most important goals with reference to personal budget limitations. That lets us help you draft ideas that center on cost variables such as energy efficiency, material durability, glass thickness, pane thickness, and so forth.

You may have wood, vinyl, or one of many window materials. Each of those has certain performance expectations for energy efficiency, which, of course, impacts the utility bill.

Even vinyl windows can be pretty energy efficient these days, and it might cost much less than wood. Therefore, you don’t have to opt for heavy-duty synthetic wood or fiberglass material just to satisfy your energy efficiency goals (though it certainly accomplishes that objective).

Don’t forget that the material selection is also a matter of style and aesthetics. When we visit potential clients, we walk around their home and talk about colors along with how they want windows to open and operate. Some windows extend outward, others slide up and down, some crank open, and others adjust side to side. We have so many excellent options.

Window Replacement Cost: The Role of Glass & Pane Thickness

Pane thickness is very important for energy efficiency and keeping your home quiet. Most of the windows we install are already double-paned. There’s ¾” to 1” between the panes filled with argon gas, which stops the hot-and-cold transfer from outside to inside.

If you live along a highway, some clients prefer triple-paned windows to minimize the noise from passing motorists. A thicker pane will contribute more to the window price, but 90% of the homes will do fine with the double-paned windows.

Glass is very important as well. If you get the low-e treatment, you can keep the UV rays out of your home in the summer, while inviting them in a little more during the frigid winter.

Low-e glass is a newer innovation where manufacturers will coat the glass with a thin/transparent material to block or reflect heat. They make it thinner than human hair, but it still does wonders for climate control. The low-e upgrade might increase the window cost by about 15 to 20%.

Always Find Your Budget for Any Exterior Project

Those are the primary factors you should think about when you pursue window replacement on one or more windows in your home. As you work through your selection preferences for new windows, you should focus on finding the right budget for this project. This entails knowing your goals, seeing how certain window styles would match other exterior components, researching material costs, and checking to see what warranties there are.

CoMo Premium Exteriors Can Help You Determine the Right Window Replacement Cost

So, you can probably tell that more expensive windows may be worth the investment if they deliver an ROI of better energy efficiency, noise reduction, etc. If you’d like to learn more about specific window brands and how they perform, our representatives would be more than happy to help. Remember that it costs nothing for us to visit your home for a quick window inspection and consultation.

We’re the best trade company in the Mid-Missouri region because we offer top-notch services and installation for windows, doors, siding, gutters, decks, roofing, and more. That doesn’t make us a “jack-of-all-trades” because our talented staff possesses mastery over all of it.

Contact us today to learn about window replacement costs and how CoMo Premium Exteriors can help you get the most bang for your buck.

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