What Types of Residential Deck Maintenance Are Most Effective?

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So, how much do you know about residential deck maintenance? CoMo Premium Exteriors is a premier deck builder in Central Missouri, so we’d like to offer a few pointers. This is what you should know regarding upkeep on either lumber or composite decks.

Residential Deck Maintenance: Treated Wood vs Composite Decks

Maintenance requirements vary depending on the type of deck you have us install. The most typical deck materials chosen by Missouri residents are either treated lumber or composite.

Treated wood decks are typically less expensive than composite and are frequently selected by homeowners who don’t mind some annual maintenance. After you build something with treated wood, you should be ready to stain it within the first six to nine months. There are many local paint companies that can provide you with great advice regarding the best products for your needs. Be sure to properly power wash and prepare your deck based on the stain manufacturers recommendations.

What about composite materials? When you get a composite deck with solid aluminum rails, you won’t have to do much maintenance. Occasional washing is good but beyond that not much upkeep will be necessary.

More on Cleaning Wooden Decks

You may wonder which cleaning agents to use on a treated wood deck. This is important because it affects the lifespan if you use harsh or corrosive chemicals.

We recommend you avoid doing this task with chlorine bleach, and to remember to sand everything before cleaning. Oxygen bleach is a better approach. You can use this to pressure wash and you want the weather to be around 60 to 70 degrees.

Try not to over rely on the high-PSI power wash, or you’ll wear out the wood faster. Always cover any nearby plants, shrubs, or furniture before cleaning. Finally, when you seal it, make sure you read all directions and use the proper tools whether that be a brush or a roller.

Skip the Cleaning with TimberTech Composite Decks

There are multiple reasons we recommend TimberTech composite decking. It’s not only an excellent way to enhance your outdoor living space, but it’s much tougher against all the algae, mold, mildew, and other hazards. You’ll never have to patch up any holes from woodpeckers, and there’s nowhere near the same risk of termite damage.

One reason they call it TimberTech (emphasis on the Tech) is that these advanced boards can actually control their climate exposure, so to speak, with UV-ray reflecting materials.

We also appreciate the beautiful style and color options you get from TimberTech, which rival the classic appearance of cedar wood finishes. Many homeowners select beautiful deck styles like English Walnut, Mahogany, Espresso, or Dark Hickory. There is no shortage of options.

Make Residential Deck Maintenance Easy with Solid Installation

Sometimes homeowners have to devote lots of time fixing broken decks that deteriorate prematurely. This is unfortunate, but also a predictable problem that will occur if you don’t have a professional build your deck. So, rather than DIY or hire a friend, we invite you to work with CoMo Premium Exteriors.

We can help you install any type of deck, including:

  • Composite Decks
  • Treated Wood Decks
  • Cedar Wood Decks
  • 10X10 Decks
  • Multiple-Story Decks
  • . . . anywhere in Central Missouri!

If this sounds like what you need to make your backyard a fantastic hangout place for friends and family, then we’re ready to help you. Don’t take our word for it when you review the dozens of positive evaluations we’ve gotten from homeowners around places like Columbia, Ashland, and Jefferson City.

Contact us soon for more advice and assistance with residential deck installation in the Mid-Missouri area.

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