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It is already February! Hard to believe that summer is right around the corner. This is a great time of year to start the conversation on your outdoor living space.

Winter is the best time to Build a Deck

As the season approaches to be entertaining friends and family on your deck, take a few minutes to inspect it and see what improvements or maintenance needs to be made. Many homeowners start the conversation on deck improvements when they are ready to use their deck and find that they will not be able to fully utilize all the deck improvements until the following season.

We’ve found that the best time to start planning to build a deck is winter before the homeowner wants to use their deck, that way it can be enjoyed throughout the summer.

Deck Material Options

One of the first things that homeowners want to discuss is the type of material that will be used on their deck. Three basic materials can be installed on a deck surface, treated pine, cedar, or composite, all serve different purposes and goals. When a homeowner takes the time to share their long term goals of the home and their Build a deck budget with their CoMo Premium Exteriors project manager, we can help in putting them in the right product to meet their needs.

Composite Decking

One of the goals that many homeowners have is to enjoy living in their outdoor space and not spend time working on their outdoor space. When this is the goal then a natural choice is composite decking. Surprisingly, not all composite decking is created equal. Some composite deck boards only have a life cycle of 5 – 7 years while others have warranty for up to 30 years. With this wide range of quality there is also a wide range of cost in redoing a composite deck. Many homeowners want to reduce the cost of the deck by resurfacing their existing structure with new composite decking. In certain cases this is a great idea but most of top deck contractors believe it is in the best interest of the home and the long term investment of the homeowner to replace the entire structure and make it exactly what they want for years to come.

With warm weather around the corner, take a look at your deck and see if there is any maintenance or improvements that you would like to have made. Don’t wait until it is time to start using your deck to give us a call at CoMo Premium Exteriors.

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