How long does it take to Replace a Roof?

For most homes, the roof can be replaced in 1 day, including tearing off the old materials and replacing the roof with new materials.  That timing will vary based on several factors.

How long does it take to replace a roof?  - Columbia MO |  CoMo Premium Exteriors

Factors that Influence Roof Replacement project

  • The size of your roof
  • The size of the crew that is doing the work
  • The steepness of the roof
  • The number of stories for the home or building
  • The time of the year (hours of sunlight)
  • The type of shingle or roofing material that is being installed

For most homes and buildings the roof replacement time is 1 to 3 days, with the majority of those homes being a 1-day job.  When you receive your roof replacement proposal we encourage you to talk with your roofing representative regarding any special events at your home as well as preferred dates for the installation.  Your representative can give you an estimate on the replacement time and any other important information regarding the installation date.