How to Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Deck

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Do you know when it’s time to replace your deck? Like all exterior products, you can expect a certain life expectancy before the materials wear out or weather to the point that it’s time to replace them.

Of course, once you decide it is time to do the replacement, you’ll have some decisions to make over which materials to use, and when you should finally break down and do it. Don’t worry, though. CoMo Premium Exteriors has experienced and honest staff to help you make a solid selection, and an experienced team to install it safely for you.

Knowing the Best Time to Replace Your Deck

There are certain signs of wear and tear that tell you when you need a new deck. In humid areas, wood rot is one of the greatest concerns, but there are other problems as well. Sometimes physical damage from termites, woodpeckers, thunderstorms, and so forth will force you to do a replacement.

Then you have to consider problems with railings and other fixtures. Those are often metal, which means they’re vulnerable to rust or they are wood and can become split or rotted. You don’t want to put up with the problem for too long if the railing becomes loose. This is a huge safety hazard.

Finally, you could experience biological problems like mold, algae, and mildew. Remember that with mold, it’s rarely enough to scrub it off the exterior of the wood because it spreads fast into the core of the material as well. Excessive mold is a sure sign you need a deck replacement.

Deck Material Options

You have a few options when you decide to make a replacement. One of the most popular materials is Cedar. It’s one of the strongest, largest, and most majestic trees in the world and folks love the aesthetic. This premium material does come at a high cost, however.

Composite deck materials are becoming more popular these days. It’s made by applying high heat to various wood boards mixed with resin. We work with synthetic wood materials for siding, windows, and doors as well because it solves the problems you’ll experience with traditional wood. If you want to avoid wood rot, moisture issues, fire vulnerability, and other problems, composite deck material is a good choice.

TimberTech Composite Decking

In case you missed it, check out our July article on why we recommend TimberTech Composite Decking. We really appreciate TimberTech for the following reasons: great longevity, low maintenance, no problems with woodpeckers and pests, great durability, and excellent warranties.

Replace Your Deck the Right Way with CoMo Premium Exteriors

Building a reliable deck is not the best do-it-yourself task. It’s a big project and there are safety implications. CoMo Premium Exteriors has seen others build decks that actually fell off the side of the home and injured people. Other times we’ve seen railings come loose. It is important to only rely on the consistent and professional services of CoMo Premium Exteriors and avoid the YouTube “how-to” videos when it comes to deck building.

If you want to replace your deck with expert workmanship, then now is the time to contact us for the best service in our area.

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