Things to Consider Before Enclosing Your Deck

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Are you interested in doing an exterior project that involves enclosing your deck? Well, you’re not alone because it’s becoming a trendy way to add home value and enjoy the outdoor space even when it gets cold outside. There are many wonderful reasons to pursue a project like this, but we’d like to cover a few rudimentary concerns before you begin.

Check These Things Before Enclosing Your Deck

Enclosing your deck can take on many forms depending on what structure you are starting with. Some homes have a deck with a roof over it that make it simple to enclose. Others do not, or perhaps want to enclose below an existing deck. Regardless of your existing structures, it is important to have an expert inspect the structural integrity of the deck itself.

Inspections can reveal important structural questions such as proper piers, adequate support, no rot, proper attachment to home, and so forth. If your existing deck is in good shape it then becomes the question of how you plan to use the space. Many options exist for enclosing a deck depending on if you want the room to be usable year-round or just some of the year.

What If I Need a New Deck?

If after an inspection, you decide that it’s not yet structurally safe to enclose it, then you might wonder whether you should install a whole new deck. We can only tell for sure if we do an inspection, but, assuming you need a new deck, there are two popular decking materials.

  1. Wood Decks
    • Many homeowners still use traditional wood for deck building. This is usually cedar or treated lumber. Wood decks can look just as good as any other deck, but require annual maintenance to clean and seal them.
  2. Composite Decks
    • There are several manufacturers who produce composite wood decks. Some are better than others, but the basic concept is to take wood fibers and resin, then heat them together to make a more durable product that requires almost no maintenance. One of the best composite decks is the Azek line from TimberTech. It’s the most durable option and requires minimal upkeep.

Plenty of Simple, Affordable Ways to Enclose a Deck

Finally, we want to remind you that deck enclosure doesn’t have to break the budget. It can be as elaborate or as simple as you want. The best deck builders, such as CoMo Premium Exteriors, work with a local supplier to provide a durable, custom screen system made specifically for your screened in area.

Call CoMo Premium Exteriors to Help With Enclosing Your Deck

Whenever you’re ready to build a new deck or enclose it, we hope you’ll keep us in mind. CoMo Premium Exteriors not only handles roofs, siding, gutters, windows, and doors, but we also install and repair decks. It’s a helpful service since you don’t want to approach this like a “DIY” project since there’s a lot of material and calculation involved.

If you need expert help enclosing your deck, then contact us today to work with the best exterior remodeling company in Mid-Missouri.

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