What are Popular Style Choices for Replacement Window Installation Projects?

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If you’re looking to replace one or more windows in your home, you might want to know about popular style choices for replacement window installation projects throughout Missouri. Fortunately, CoMmo Premium Exteriors has replaced hundreds of windows throughout 2021 and thousands over the last few years.

Let us break down some of our learnings from working with hundreds of homeowners all over mid-Missouri.

Factors That Affect Replacement Window Popularity

Many factors can affect which style choices are most popular in a given year or for a particular home type. These factors include home shape, home aesthetic or style, the existing windows in the home, and the personal preferences of the owners.

For example, most homeowners want replacement windows to fit thematically or stylistically with existing windows. It’s not common to have a replacement window set into a home in a completely different style or profile, for example.

Double Hung Windows – The Most Popular Style Choice for Replacement Windows

Overall, CoMo Premium Exteriors has replaced more windows with double-hung window styles than any other type. There are lots of reasons for this, including:

  • Double-hung windows are relatively cost-effective and affordable, plus low maintenance
  • Double-hung windows are often intended to be replacement windows for existing homes
  • Double-hung windows mesh well with many other window styles and architectural themes

Popular Style Choices for Replacement Window Installation: Casement Windows

But CoMo Premium Exteriors also replaced a lot of old windows with new casement windows over the last couple of years. Casement windows are versatile and easy to open and close, and they can often be combined into pairs within a single shared frame. Casement windows don’t slide up and down like double-hung windows, instead they typically “crank” out, pivoting either on the left or right frame. In addition, casement windows are one frame with no cross member like with double or single hung windows.  By not having this cross member it allows for more unobstructed views to the outside, making casement windows a great option if you want to enjoy the view.

Clear Glass with More Visibility – The Most Popular Glass Choice for 2021

Throughout 2021, CoMo Premium Exteriors found that homeowners preferred clear glass windows versus windows with integrated grid patterns. Homeowners differed on the reasons for this preference, but many simply wanted a clear line of sight outside without the grid patterns or other distractions that are common with more complex glass designs.

Replacing Curved Windows with Squares

Furthermore, many homeowners requested that curved or more elegant window designs in their homes be replaced by basic windows with square shapes. Again, homeowner reasons for this trend varied heavily, but it may be because square windows are easy to install, are basic enough to go with a wide range of architectural styles, and come in many different window types (i.e. casement, double-hung, etc.).

Added Arches

Interestingly, CoMo Premium Exteriors installed very few arched windows in homes. While arched windows are common in many customs and high-end homes that include a lot of architectural design elements; the majority of builder homes are not designed with architectural elements that lend themselves to arched window styles.  As such, the additional cost and lack of functionality of arched windows typically dissuade most homeowners from selecting them.

Popular Style Choices for Replacement Window Installation: Conclusion

As you can see, window replacement installation projects are affected by all kinds of popular style choices. While trends and popular styles adjust with time, the only thing that really matters is what you appreciate and enjoy.  At the end of the day, it is important to select window types and features that you will enjoy and that meet your budget.

So if you have an idea for your window replacement installation project, let us know! Contact CoMo Premium Exteriors and we’ll tell you more about popular style choices for replacement window installation projects or work with you to develop your specific plans!

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