How Do You Know It’s Time for Window Replacement?

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It can be tough to know when it’s time for window replacement, especially if your windows seem to be functioning well enough or you can’t tell if there’s a major draft. But Missouri homeowners need to know when it’s time for window replacement since leaky or drafty windows can severely affect your energy bill, lower your home’s resell value, and more.

Window Replacement Time Varies

Of course, no two windows or homes are exactly alike. Therefore, you can’t expect all the windows in your home to be ready for replacement at the same time. Instead, expect window replacement times to vary, with a few exceptions.

For example, if you built your home and all the windows were installed at the same time, and all the windows are the same style and use the same type of frame and glass, all the windows may need to be replaced simultaneously. That’s because one window failing at a single point could indicate that the other, functionally identical windows may also fail at similar points shortly.

How to Tell When It’s Time for Window Replacement

Regardless of when your home’s windows were installed, you can tell when it’s time for window replacement by checking for a few major signs.

Loss of Seal Around the Window

Firstly, a loss of seal around one or more windows could indicate that the window(s) needs to be replaced. You can tell that the seal is having problems if you feel the air from outside coming in or the reverse (for example, if a room with a broken seal window is noticeably colder or warmer than the other rooms of your home).

A loss of seal can reduce energy efficiency and even let moisture into your home over time.

Inoperable Windows

Over time windows can become inoperable, meaning you are unable to open them or close them fully.  This can happen for many reasons including poor quality windows, damage from individuals, or house settling issues.  Regardless of the reason, if you have a window that no longer closes and latches you have a safety issue that needs to be addressed.  Many times inoperable windows also can cause drafts or, the opposite, not open to let in the air when you want it.

Old Glass

Consider when the glass for your home’s windows was installed. Glass technology evolves with the times and improves significantly every few years. If your home’s windows were installed over 20 years ago, odds are the glass, even if it looks functional, could use an upgrade in terms of both energy efficiency and durability.

It’s Time for Window Replacement: Time of Original Installation

Similarly, consider the time of your windows’ original installation. If the windows were installed over a decade previously, chances are they can be replaced and upgraded with modern models that may save you massively on your energy bill.

Can’t See Out of the Window

Of course, if you can’t see straight out of your window or if the light seems distorted or overly filtered, the window might need to be replaced. To be sure, try to clean the window thoroughly – if the glass still doesn’t let light through properly, a replacement is your only real option.

You May Need to Replace More Than One Window

Missouri homeowners should further note that they may need to replace more than one window at once. Even if one window in your home is giving you trouble now, that could be a sign that other windows will showcase the same flaws soon.

It’s oftentimes in your best interest to hire a contractor like Como Premium Exteriors to replace multiple windows simultaneously in the same appointment. This could save you both time and money.

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At the end of the day, window replacement is a part of responsible homeownership and maintenance. But it doesn’t have to be a hassle or even out of your budget. Como Premium Exteriors can help you find the right window replacement materials and styles for your needs. Contact us today to determine whether it’s time for window replacement and more information!

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