What is the James Hardie Siding Installation Process Like?

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In the exterior remodeling space, the James Hardie siding installation process is well-known for the long-lasting, durable exterior cladding performance it provides. Homeowners that are considering having James Hardie installed may be wondering what the general experience and process are going to be like, so that’s what we’re going to dig into. We’ll look at each step of the process, and why CoMo Premium Exteriors should be your trusted siding installation partner.

What is the James Hardie Siding Installation Process Like?

Estimate & Proposal

The very first step in the James Hardie siding installation process is the initial contact and estimate process. Once you contact us, one of our siding estimate professionals will schedule a time to come to your home for some measurements and a discussion regarding your budget, vision, and preferences. When it comes to James Hardie siding there are many options to customize your home’s look. For example you may like lap siding on primary walls with staggered shake in the gables, which is just one of many unique looks you can choose. This is the information that will be used to create your detailed, itemized, proposal. Curious about the cost to install? We wrote about that too!

Existing Siding Removal

If your home currently has siding, it will need to be removed to ensure a lasting installation of James Hardie. Once the old siding is off, the sheathing and framing will be inspected to determine if any repairs are needed before the siding installation takes place. It is important that James Hardie siding be installed on a solid surface that is free of rot.

Delivery and Layout

The siding will typically be delivered a week prior to the job and placed in a location that is safe, but also as out of the way as possible. On the day installation begins, the crew will layout where the materials are measured and sized for the installation. Other components needed like trim or other accessories, are also sized and prepped at this time.


Housewrap is a critical component to keeping your home safe from the damaging effects of water intrusion. It creates a barrier between the sheathing and the siding of the home that resists weather and moisture and is installed prior to the installation of the siding.

Window Tape

Windows and doors are some of the most common locations for water penetration, so to combat this, CoMo Premium Exteriors will install specialized tape around all windows and doors to create a watertight seal. This keeps moisture from penetrating between the sills or door frame, and the rest of the home.

Flashing & Trim

Flashing is an important part of water redirection, as it helps to route water away from more vulnerable areas like corners and various openings. During this stage metal flashing and trim boards are installed to give a finished, clean appearance.

Hardie Installation

This is the main event. During the actual installation, the crew will work from the lowest point of your home’s exterior to the highest. Every plank is precisely measured and cut, then attached according to James Hardie installation requirements. After completion, caulking and paint touch up will be done to ensure a nice finished look.

James Hardie Siding Installation Takes Longer But It Lasts Longer

While the James Hardie siding installation process may be time-consumer than other siding options, it’s not without good reason. The attention to detail and the superior materials mean that your investment will last for many years to come and give you a durable, weather-resistant, almost maintenance-free exterior.

Trust CoMo Premium Exteriors To Get Your Project Done Right The First Time

At CoMo Premium Exteriors, our craftsmanship and commitment to an excellent customer experience are a source of pride for us. Our experienced team is ready to bring your vision to life with an industry-leading siding installation. Whether you’re ready to move forward with your James Hardie siding installation, or just need more information, reach out to CoMo today, and speak to an expert member of our local team.

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