Why is LP Smart Siding The Best Engineered Wood Siding?

LP Smart Siding

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LP Smart Siding is one of your best options if you decide to go the route of engineered wood on your home. LP engineered wood siding has both pros and cons and we’ll discuss both in this article.

What is Engineered Wood Siding?

Many times when homeowners think of wood siding they think of cedar siding or old wood shake siding. Today, homeowners can get that same wood look without many of the deficiencies of older wood siding products. Engineered wood is a synthetic product that comes from a fusion of resin and wood fibers bound together with zinc borate. Rather than relying on just plain wood, manufacturers will apply heat to compress the resin and wood, thus making it denser and more resistant to bugs, pollutants, water, and algae. It’s a fairly new approach to siding and it provides better than average durability and longevity. Best yet, you can get these engineered wood products with a smooth or wood grain look and you can get them in lap, board, batten, and shake profiles.

LP Smart Siding

The LP Building Solutions company manufactures LP SmartSide siding in hundreds of excellent colors utilizing engineered wood technology. Compared to cedar wood siding, LP SmartSide is typically more affordable, longer-lasting, and requires much less upkeep and care over its lifespan.

Most homeowners who desire a cleaner look and a higher quality product are typically considering either James Hardie Fiber Cement or LP SmartSide. While these two products are very different from one another, they are both high-end products with strong warranties that are durable and come in a wide range of colors. With LP SmartSide the lap siding boards are typically 16” longer which does help to reduce the number of visible seams on long walls. In addition, LP SmartSide is a lighter product that is easier to hang and easier to handle when using long pieces that are on second and third stories.

There may be a few drawbacks to using LP SmartSide, such as color fading, vulnerability to woodpeckers, and less eco-friendly components. However, we think the good certainly outweighs the bad with LP. If you’d like to weigh strengths and weaknesses yourself, then feel free to read this article on the pros and cons of engineered wood siding.

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