Why is James Hardie Siding the Best Brand of Fiber Cement Siding?

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James Hardie siding is often considered the best brand of fiber cement siding… but why?

Is it a matter of true quality, is it just great siding SEO and marketing, or is there another reason entirely?

In truth, there’s a combination of reasons at play. Let’s explore why James Hardie fiber cement siding is the best in its class and why we use this brand of fiber cement siding for our Missouri clients.

James Hardie Invented Fiber Cement Siding

The James Hardie company invented fiber cement siding as a product – they were the first to discover how to use it! They invented it several decades ago and ever since then they have been iterating and mastering the product like no one else.

While it’s true that other companies have imitated James Hardie fiber cement siding, these are not as excellent or durable as the “real thing”. In a way, by inventing fiber cement siding, James Hardie gave itself an advantage over the competition and ensured that they will always be the best choice for purchasing fiber cement siding for any home.

They Improved the Product Over Time

Furthermore, James Hardie has progressively improved their fiber cement siding product over the years, rather than resting on their laurels. More specifically, James Hardie has made improvements by:

  • Boosting fiber cement siding’s durability against weather damage
  • Improving fiber cement siding’s resistance to pests like termites and other bugs
  • Making fiber cement siding in a wider range of colors, styles, and profiles to fit any home or housing project
  • Making fiber cement siding last much longer than before, so now a single application could last for well over 10 years if it is maintained properly

Basically, if you want the best fiber cement siding for your Missouri home, James Hardie’s brand is the way to go.

James Hardie Honors Warranties

Most fiber cement siding products come with warranties, but you never know whether the manufacturer will really honor them. That’s not the case with James Hardie. If you invoke a warranty for a manufacturing defect for your fiber cement warranty or for issues with color, James Hardie will investigate the problem and if it is found to be defective will work with their local contractors to correct the issue.  As a James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor, Como Premium Exteriors has seen firsthand how James Hardie has honored their warranty and paid to have the product replaced in accordance with their terms and conditions.

Their Customer Service is Top-Tier

Perhaps most important, James Hardie prioritizes excellent customer service from start to finish. This has granted them a sterling reputation over the years, and it’s one we are proud to support as a James Hardie Elite Preferred contractor.

If you ever have a problem with your fiber cement siding, it’s relatively easy to get in contact with James Hardie to ask them a question, to clarify your warranty, or to get someone to come out to perform maintenance or an inspection. In this way, James Hardie’s product isn’t just the best; their team is the best as well.

… But James Hardie Isn’t DIY

Although it is the absolute best choice for your home if you prefer this material, it’s not a DIY material by any stretch of the imagination.

Like any complex siding product, James Hardie fiber cement siding only works as well as possible if it is installed by talented, experienced contractors. Como Premium Exteriors is the go-to choice for many Missouri homeowners when installing James Hardie siding or other siding products.

Why? Like James Hardie, we pride ourselves on our reputation, our customer service, and our commitment to quality. When you contact us today, we can tell you why James Hardie siding is the best brand of fiber cement siding and install it on your home on your budget.

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