Benefits of Choosing Polymer Composite Roofing Shingles in Mid-Missouri

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When you’re preparing to replace your shingles, it is important that you know all the options you have so you can make the best decision for your home and your budget. While asphalt shingles are the most common option in Missouri, polymer composite roofing shingles are another option you have for your Mid-Missouri roof. Polymer composite shingles are different than the asphalt shingles we typically install for a number of reasons, like the materials they are made of and their price point.

What are Polymer Composite Roofing Shingles Made of?

Polymer composite shingles are made entirely from synthetic plastics, unlike asphalt shingles which use a combination of synthetic and natural materials or metal, wood and clay which use just natural materials. You may initially think that fully synthetic plastic shingles would be very environmentally un-friendly, but polymer composite roofing shingles are actually made from a majority of recycled plastics. Scraps of rubbers and other synthetic materials are melted down and reformed into shingles, which makes them more eco-friendly to produce than other shingle types.

How do Polymer Composite Shingles Handle Mid-Missouri Weather?

Because polymer composite shingles are made of plastics rather than natural materials they wear much differently in Missouri weather. High winds do pose about the same risk to polymer composite shingles as they do to asphalt shingles. But when it comes to withstanding hail and rain, these shingles may have a better chance. The plastic material is usually thicker than asphalt shingles and can absorb some impact from hail which makes them more resistant to denting, however cracking and denting can still be a big risk in Missouri where dense, high-speed hail is common. In regard to rain, polymer composite shingles are great for wicking away water and directing it to gutters and don’t have problems with granules washing away and clogging gutters like asphalt shingles do.

What’s the Lifespan of Polymer Composite Shingles?

Because they are more weather resistant than other shingle options, polymer composite shingles are marketed as lifetime shingles that will last forever on you home, but this is only true in more temperate climates. The Midwest weather is so harsh that the shingles will only last a few years longer than other shingle options. Aesthetically polymer composite shingles don’t last a lifetime either, the plastic materials they are made of are vulnerable to fading as they endure different weather conditions and lots of direct sunlight.

Warranties on polymer composite shingles can vary greatly from 30-50 years, which is significantly longer than warranties on most asphalt shingles. However, these warranties come with a lot of fine print and don’t necessarily cover the full cost of replacement.

How Much do Polymer Shingles Cost?

Polymer shingles can be up to five times more expensive than high quality asphalt shingles are. An average estimate for the materials and installation of an asphalt shingle roof is $7,000 while the estimate for a polymer composite shingle roof is $25,000. While polymer composite shingles will last a few years longer than asphalt shingles, in the Midwest the time they will last is not long enough to even out the price difference and they typically don’t add value to your home if you were to sell.

Some home insurance plans may give homeowners with polymer composite shingles a price break on their premiums because they are less likely to be damaged in weather, but these are not a guarantee.

Are You Considering Polymer Composite Shingles for Your Home?

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