What Are The Signs That I Need a Roof Inspection?

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There are certain telltale signs that should convince you it’s time for a roof inspection. You don’t have to wait until half the shingles are missing to obtain a professional consultation. Some of these common problems can creep up on you fast, so we’d like to go over them and help you avoid major trouble.

Signs That It’s Time to Get a Roof Inspection

The typical signs of roof damage include shingles going off into your yard and progressive damage to your roof’s accessories. If you lose a lot of granule material or find it in the gutters, you know you have a problem.

Granule loss is very similar to tread on a tire. Once you lose it, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll have to replace it. When you begin to lose too much of the granules from your shingles you’ll notice you can see the matting in the single. When you see this it is probably past time to replace your roof and you should contact a professional for an inspection.

Don’t forget about the obvious issues like interior leaks. Many homeowners delay doing anything about an old roof until they have serious leakage and maybe even a mold problem. Also, if you haven’t had an inspection or any repair work within the last 10 years, it’s a good idea to schedule one soon. A good roofing contractor can help you assess any potential damages as well as recommend possible roof repairs that can help you get another couple years of life out of your roof.

When Do You Need a Replacement Roof?

If you ignore these signs of minor or moderate roof damage, they will eventually degrade into bigger problems. When water leaks are left unaddressed you find you incur a large expense for the replacement and repainting of drywall. As soon as you notice a leak it is important to immediately have it inspected and stopped. If stopped quickly enough, most interior leaks will dry out and you can paint over the stain without having to replace the drywall.

If it is time to replace your roof it is important that you do your homework and select a licensed, insured, and trusted roofing contractor. With the right roofing contractor you will receive the appropriate information to make a well informed decision and you will never feel pressured into signing a contract you are comfortable with. We hope you’ll review our helpful homeowner’s guide to choosing a new roof for more information to help you make this important decision.

Benefits of Roof Replacement

Don’t forget there are several terrific reasons to replace your roof when the time arrives.

  • You can increase home value by an average of $15,000, which would be enough to recover more than half of the project costs. This is a big factor for homeowners who want to sell soon.
  • Roof replacement gives you a chance to modernize your home’s appearance and adds lots of curb appeal. Shingles come in many styles and colors, which you can mix and match to go along with the siding, shutters, and doors.
  • Many homes find that they have old or unreported hail damage to their roof which can be covered by their homeowners insurance. By selecting a reputable and knowledgeable contractor they will be able to help you assess if this applies to your situation.

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We hope you don’t wait too long to get an inspection if you think you’re losing granules, shingles, or any other roof material. If you elect to redo your entire roof, then you’re in expert hands with us. CoMo Premium Exteriors has certification as a Platinum Preferred Contractor for Owens Corning materials, and we have plenty of experience with other brands like CertainTeed and GAF.

Our previous clients can’t say enough about our outstanding workmanship, which you can verify by reading some of our recent reviews. Those are from homeowners, like you, who hail from Mid-Missouri communities such as Columbia, Ashland, Jefferson City, Moberly, and others.

So, if you’ve already noticed these problems and want to resolve them immediately, then contact us today for a comprehensive roof inspection.

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