Mid Missouri Roofing Installation Process Explained

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For homeowners, getting a new roof installed is an exciting time but the process can be stressful if you are not prepared. Here is the roofing installation process explained so that you can understand what to expect.

Preparing your Home for the Roofing Installation Process

Before you can sit back and watch the construction crews do their work, you need to make sure your home is prepared for the crew’s arrival. This means you need to move your cars out of the driveway and move any lawn ornaments away from the perimeter of your home. Some debris will be falling from your roof so you want to make sure there is nothing that could be damaged nearby. In addition, on the day of installation, it is important that all animals and children be kept inside and away from the perimeter of the house to ensure their safety.

Material Delivery

The first step in getting your new roof is, of course, material delivery. 1-2 days before your installation is scheduled materials will be delivered and loaded directly onto your roof by a boom truck. Materials are loaded directly onto the roof at delivery so that when the construction crews arrive, they can get to work right away.  For some homes with low hanging power lines or trees, loading the materials on the roof may not be possible.  In these instances, the materials will be placed in the driveway and the delivery crew will do their best to not block any vehicles.

When the Roofing Installation Crew Arrives

The crew will come early in the morning on your previously scheduled date and begin by backing a trailer as close to your home as possible. This trailer will be where the crew dumps the old shingles they remove. The crew will also put tarps around the home to protect your yard, and sheets of OSB will be leaned against your home to protect your siding and windows from possible falling debris in the area where the trailer is parked. The crew will move these tarps with them as they work their way around your roof, this way no one section of grass will be covered by the tarps for too long, minimizing damage to your yard. If your home has extensive landscaping in particular areas the crew may determine that tarping could create too much damage and may opt to not tarp in those areas. However, when it comes time to clean up around the home they will do their best to remove all roofing debris from those areas.

Tearing off the Existing Roof

To start the roof installation process the existing roof must be removed. The roof will be torn off down to the wood decking. When the wood decking is exposed, the crew will inspect for any rot or weak, flexing spots where there may be broken rafters. If they find any problem areas, they will call the CoMo Premium Exteriors’ production team to have the appropriate materials brought to the site. These repairs are very important and will be made the same day so your roof installation can continue as planned.

Installing the Layers Before Shingles

Once the crew has ensured that the base of your roof is in good condition, they will go in with the ice and water barrier and install that around pipe boots, the valleys of your roof, and any other vulnerable areas where there are seams or openings. After the ice and water barrier has been adhered to the roof in the appropriate areas, a layer of synthetic felt paper is installed over the wood decking. At this time the crew will replace the drip edge on the perimeter of your home, depending on your contract and/or insurance allowance.

Installing the Shingles

With all the protective layers installed, shingles can go on. The first course of shingles, also referred to as Starter Shingles, are put on around the entire perimeter of the home. These shingles are specifically made to go on the edges of your roof. They create the outline the crew will follow for all the other shingles and provide a strong seal for the shingles around the perimeter, so it is important that they are carefully and correctly positioned.

Next the field shingles will be installed, these make up the majority of the roof. These shingles are installed from the bottom of the roof up and overlap in a layered system. Each shingle is installed with six nails for maximum wind resistance and to ensure you secure the highest warranty on your shingles.

Installing Pipe Boots, Vents and Flashings

During the shingle installation the installers will replace pipe boots, box vents, and install flashing.  The most common locations for flashing installation include the chimney, dormers, and places where your roof meets a wall.  The flashing installation can vary based on the condition of the current flashing and may not always be covered by your insurance, however its replacement will be discussed with you prior to installation so there are no surprises.

The Final Layers

When all the field shingles have been installed the crew will focus their attention on the hip and ridge shingles and, if applicable, the installation of ridge vent. For hip and ridge areas of the roof there are shingles that are specially made to bend around these peaks. These perforated hip and ridge shingles provide a more consistent look and carry a higher wind warranty from the manufacturer than the traditional cut three-tab shingles that many other roofing companies use.

Cleaning up After the Roofing Installation Process is Complete

After everything is sealed and inspected one last time, the crew will pick up any large debris around the house and run a magnet around the home to collect nails that may have fallen. The house will be circled several times to get as much debris as possible. If a customer feels the clean-up wasn’t sufficient, they can call anytime within the first year and a crew will come back for free to clean-up again to ensure you are satisfied.

Interested in Beginning the Roof Installation Process on Your Home?

If you are interested in a roof replacement or roof repair call CoMo Premium Exteriors to begin the process. We can schedule a roof inspection with one of our roofing experts to explain this process more thoroughly and let you know the best course of action for you.

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