A Missouri Homeowner’s Guide to Metal & Stone Coated Steel Roofing

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Metal and stone coated steel roofing can be a great option for Midwestern homeowners. They are durable options and are available in more styles than many people realize. From an upscale, traditional shingle look to a rustic metal roof look, or even a weathered copper finish there are metal roof options to suit any homeowner’s taste.

What is Metal Roofing and Stone Coated Steel Roofing?

The metal roofs we recommend at CoMo Premium Exteriors are of high quality and comes from trustworthy Missouri manufacturers. Many times, homeowners see metal roofing materials at big box stores and think that product is similar to what we offer.  The metal roofs we typically install are known as standing seam roof systems where screws and fasteners are hidden. The metal comes in large sheets that are custom manufactured to the length of your roof (from eave to peak) to minimize the number of seams. All the metal roofing we install and recommend at CoMo Premium exteriors also has matching metal ridge and rake and the metal typically uses Kynar paint, which provides a high-quality hardened finish.

Stone coated steel roofing is different than metal roofing in two major ways. The first is that instead of being large sheets it is individual shingles; the second difference is that each steel shingle is coated with asphalt. These metal and stone shingles give your home the classic look of an architectural, wood shake, or even slate shingle with the durability of steel.

High Quality Metal Roofing v. Hardware Store Metal Roofing

The metal roofing you would want installed on your home may not be the same as metal sheeting you see in your local hardware store. Many big box hardware stores carry a range of metal roofing options, however their lead times and employee knowledge regarding these products can vary greatly. That why it is very important to hire knowledgeable sales representatives like those at CoMo Premium Exteriors who can explain the differences between metal roofing options and provide good advice on what best suits your situation.

Different Aesthetics of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing may have a reputation for looking rustic, but metal roofing can actually look quite elevated and sometimes, doesn’t look like metal at all. There are several options for color and finish of metal roofing. Different metals, of course, have different looks but the metal can also be coated in different colors. Red, green, and shades of gray are all common metal roof colors. There are even metal and finish options that can give your roof a faux weathered look without damaging the integrity of your roof.

Another option to elevate your metal roof is accent metals. A different kind of metal can be used on the ridge and rakes to add contrast and make your home pop.

Durability of Metal and Stone Coated Steel Roofing

One great benefit to purchasing a metal roof is its lifespan, which can last twice as long as asphalt shingles. However, it is important to note that metal roofing can be dented from hail or falling branches during high winds. These dents many times are cosmetic and won’t affect the lifespan of your roof, but some dents can lead to cracks in the finish of the metal. A crack in the coating of your metal roof will expose the raw metal to the elements and lead to rust. Once a small piece of your roof has rusted, it is likely to spread which can lead to leaks.

Stone coated steel roofing does not have the same issues with denting. This shingle option is very durable and the granules are baked onto the shingle during the manufacturing process.  While these shingles will lose some granules over time, that loss will occur much slower than with asphalt shingles. Should the roof be damaged by very large hail, additional granule loss can occur at a faster rate.

Price of Metal and Stone Coated Steel Roofing

Metal roofs can cost twice that of traditional asphalt shingled roofs, but that cost varies based on a number of factors and selections. In addition, it is important to consider the cost of insuring a metal roof. While some insurance companies will give you a homeowner’s premium discount for installing a metal roof, there could be issues you don’t want to deal with should a hail storm occur in your area. Most insurers will not cover costs to repair dents in metal roofs if they deem those dents to be merely “cosmetic”. In these instances, homeowners are left with a metal roof that has noticeable “dings” all over it, but unless the paint has come off or the storm damage exposed the roof, these cosmetic dings would not be covered.

Stone coated steel roofing is even more expensive than traditional metal roofing— it is up to 6 times as expensive as asphalt shingles. For many homeowners this cost difference is not worth the added benefits of stone coated steel roofing and they typically opt for traditional metal roofing or asphalt shingles.

Interested in Metal Roofing?

If you are interested in metal or stone coated steel roofing for your home or business reach out to our staff CoMo Premium Exteriors for a complementary inspection from one of our roofing experts. An inspection can tell you if metal or stone coated steel roofing is a good option for you. If you don’t think metal roofing is right for you, there are many other roofing materials that we can explore.

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