Maximize Your Mid-Missouri Home’s Curb Appeal with Versatile DaVinci Roofing Options

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DaVinci roofing stands out in the market for those who value longevity, aesthetics, and environmental sustainability in their roofing choices. This article will guide you through the specific reasons homeowners choose DaVinci’s synthetic materials for their unique blend of beauty, resilience, and low maintenance requirements.

Key Takeaways

  • DaVinci Roofing materials, including slate tiles, cedar shakes, and synthetic roofing options, offer a combination of aesthetic appeal and functional durability, with multiple colors for customization and significant resistance to weathering.

  • Choosing DaVinci roofing provides homeowners with a low-maintenance, enhanced curb appeal, eco-friendly options with high ratings for fire, impact, and wind, and a variety of styles to suit different architectural preferences.

  • Professional installation and the ongoing maintenance service from certified companies like CoMo Premium Exteriors ensure the longevity and performance of a DaVinci roof, complete with workmanship and manufacturer’s warranties.

Exploring DaVinci Roofing Materials

Various DaVinci roofing materials including slate tiles, cedar shakes, and synthetic options

A new roof is more than a protective shield; it’s a statement of style and a reflection of your home’s personality. When it comes to roofing materials, DaVinci offers an alluring blend of classical charm and modern innovation.

We will now examine the different types of DaVinci roofing materials and their unique characteristics.

DaVinci Slate Tiles

DaVinci Slate Tiles offer an elegant solution for those seeking to capture the timeless charm of natural slate. These slate tile alternatives are carefully crafted using virgin resins and UV stabilizers to replicate the authentic appearance of actual slate, with the added benefit of avoiding repetitive patterns.

They lend a natural stone-like aesthetic to your home and also come in a variety of colors, including Slate Black, Slate Gray, and Evergreen, among many others. These versatile tiles offer homeowners the opportunity to enhance their home’s curb appeal while enjoying the durability and longevity that DaVinci roofing is known for.

DaVinci Cedar Shakes

Cedar has long been admired for its warm, rustic charm. However, natural cedar shakes can be high-maintenance and costly. Enter DaVinci Cedar Shakes – a cost-effective, maintenance-friendly alternative that offers a modern yet timeless cedar shake DaVinci roof solution.

Crafted from a blend of crushed limestone and plastic, these composite shakes echo the natural charm of traditional cedar while offering superior durability. These shakes not only mimic the aesthetic of hand-split cedar, but also resist weathering, insects, and decay, ensuring your home’s beauty and protection over time.

DaVinci Synthetic Roofing

Beyond the classic appeal of slate and cedar, DaVinci offers a contemporary roofing solution in the form of synthetic roofing. Utilizing the robustness of engineered polymers and pure virgin resin, DaVinci synthetic roofing combines the best features of slate and cedar shakes while infusing additional benefits such as eco-friendliness and low maintenance. This synthetic roofing option emulates the look of natural materials while offering superior performance. With a Class A Fire Rating, Class 4 Impact Rating, and a 110 mph Wind Rating, a DaVinci synthetic roof is built to last, ensuring your home is well-protected against the elements.

Moreover, it requires significantly less maintenance than traditional slate and cedar shakes, making it a practical choice for homeowners seeking both aesthetics and convenience.

The Benefits of Choosing a DaVinci Roof

Enhanced curb appeal with DaVinci roofing

Choosing a roof for your home is a significant decision that impacts not only the aesthetic appeal of your property but also its functionality and value. Beyond the wide variety of styles and materials, DaVinci roofing offers several other benefits that set it apart from traditional roofing options.

We will now examine these advantages in detail.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

First impressions count, and nothing makes a statement quite like a roof does. DaVinci roofing materials are designed to replicate the aesthetics of natural slate or shake, providing genuine wood tones and the visual appeal of natural shakes that can enhance a home’s curb appeal. With DaVinci’s extensive selection of colors, homeowners can choose from a broad spectrum of shades that enhance and complement their home’s exterior appearance.

The result? A home that exudes non repeating beauty, charm, and sophistication, making a memorable impression on anyone who beholds it.

Low Maintenance Requirements

A roof isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s also about functionality. And part of functionality is ease of maintenance. DaVinci roofs are designed to be low-maintenance, meaning you can spend more time enjoying your home and less time worrying about roof upkeep. Regularly removing debris is all it takes to keep your DaVinci roof in peak condition. Even in the event of severe weather, DaVinci roofs are designed to withstand weather-related damage, thus minimizing the need for maintenance.

In essence, DaVinci roofing provides a practical, hassle-free roofing solution, allowing you to focus on more important matters.

Eco-Friendly Options

In today’s environmentally-conscious world, choosing a roof that aligns with eco-friendly standards is more important than ever. DaVinci roofing products offer several eco-friendly features:

  • They are crafted from recycled materials

  • They are fully recyclable, helping to minimize landfill waste and energy consumption

  • DaVinci’s EcoBlend tiles are designed to reflect sunlight away from your home, reducing the reliance on air conditioning and subsequently lowering cooling costs.

Opting for a new DaVinci roof is an investment in your home’s beauty and longevity, and also a contribution to a more sustainable and eco-friendly world.

Installation Process and Expertise

Choosing the right roofing material is just the first step in your roofing journey. The installation process is equally important, as it impacts the performance and longevity of your roof. For this crucial stage, CoMo Premium Exteriors emerges as a trusted partner, offering expert installation services for DaVinci roofing.

Choosing CoMo Premium Exteriors

CoMo Premium Exteriors is a leading exterior remodeling company based in Mid-Missouri, specializing in roofing, siding, windows, exterior doors, gutters, and deck installation. With a strong track record of positive reviews and a commitment to quality workmanship, CoMo Premium Exteriors is well-equipped to install your DaVinci roof. We also offer a 5-Year Workmanship Warranty, a 1-Year Clean-Up Guarantee, and a Manufacturer’s Warranty, giving you peace of mind knowing that your investment is well-protected.

CoMo Premium Exteriors, with our wide range of services and commitment to customer satisfaction, serves as a reliable partner for all your roofing needs.

Installation Techniques

The installation of a DaVinci roof is a meticulous process that requires skill and expertise. CoMo Premium Exteriors utilizes advanced installation techniques, ensuring your roof is installed correctly and to the highest standards. It’s not just about laying the roofing material; it involves:

  • Using the correct safety equipment

  • Adhering to recommended techniques

  • Ensuring adequate ventilation and insulation

  • Adapting to varying weather conditions

Even under unpredictable weather conditions, CoMo Premium Exteriors is capable of overcoming challenges to ensure a quality installation with the help of thermal stabilizers.

Repair and Maintenance Services

Beyond installation, CoMo Premium Exteriors also offers professional repair and maintenance services for your DaVinci roof. Their expert team is proficient in servicing DaVinci Roofscapes, synthetic slate, and shake roofs, ensuring your roof remains at its best for years to come. Regular maintenance inspections are recommended every 2-3 years, and a comprehensive cleaning of the roof surface is advised twice a year to remove debris and prevent algae or moss growth.

CoMo Premium Exteriors ensures that your DaVinci roof receives the necessary care and attention, backed by a lifetime limited material warranty.

Comparing DaVinci Roofing to Other Roofing Options

Comparison of DaVinci roofing to other popular options like asphalt shingles, metal roofing, and concrete tiles

Every home is unique, and so are its roofing needs. To help you make an informed decision, let’s compare DaVinci roofing to other popular roofing options like asphalt shingles, metal roofing, and concrete tiles.

Asphalt Shingles

While asphalt shingles are a commonly used roofing material, they may not offer the same lifespan and aesthetic appeal as DaVinci roofing. Asphalt shingles generally have a lifespan of 20 to 30 years, whereas DaVinci roofing materials are designed for resilience and longevity, potentially outlasting asphalt shingles.

In addition, DaVinci roofing materials mimic the aesthetics of natural slate or shake, making them a more visually pleasing alternative to asphalt shingles.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is known for its durability and lifespan, often ranging from 40 to 70 years. DaVinci roofing matches these strengths, offering a similarly robust and long-lasting roofing solution. However, when it comes to aesthetics, DaVinci roofing provides a more traditional look that emulates natural slate or wood shingles, offering a compelling alternative to the modern and industrial look of metal roofing.

Concrete Tiles

When compared with concrete tiles, DaVinci roofing offers several advantages. Although concrete tiles are known for their durability and lifespan, they are substantially heavier and more complex to install.

Contrarily, DaVinci roofing materials, being lighter, simplify the installation process while offering a comparable level of durability and lifespan.

Customizing Your DaVinci Roof

Customizing your DaVinci roof with a wide variety of colors and custom blending options

Your home is a reflection of your personality, and your roof should be no different. With DaVinci roofing, you have the freedom to customize your roof to match your unique style and preferences.

Color Variety

Color plays a significant role in architecture. With DaVinci roofing, you have a myriad of options to choose from. DaVinci offers a wide range of color choices, such as:

  • Slate Gray

  • Slate Black

  • Smokey Gray

  • Castle Gray

  • Evergreen

  • European

  • Brownstone

  • Sonora

  • Canyon

  • Multi-Width Slate

These diverse color options not only allow you to create a roof that complements the architectural style of your home but also enhances its curb appeal.

Custom Blending

If you’re looking for something truly unique, DaVinci offers the option of custom blending. This process allows you to:

  • Create a distinct color blend using the available stock colors

  • Develop a completely customized color

  • Combine up to four colors to achieve a personalized look for your DaVinci roof.

So, whether you’re looking to make a bold statement or want a subtle blend that complements your home’s exterior, custom blending gives you the creative control to bring your vision to life.


In conclusion, a DaVinci roof offers a blend of aesthetics, durability, and practicality that sets it apart from other roofing options. Whether you’re drawn to the traditional charm of slate tiles, the rustic appeal of cedar shakes, or the robustness of synthetic roofing, DaVinci has something for everyone. With an array of customization options, low maintenance requirements, and the added benefits of eco-friendliness, a DaVinci roof is more than just a shelter over your head – it’s a statement of style, a testament to quality, and a wise investment in your home’s future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DaVinci roof worth it?

Yes, a DaVinci roof is worth it for homeowners looking for durability, low maintenance, and added curb appeal compared to natural cedar shakes or slate tiles.

How long does a DaVinci roof last?

A DaVinci roof can last around 40-50 years, backed by a Lifetime Limited Materials Warranty on residences and a 50-year warranty on commercial projects.

How much does DaVinci roofing cost compared to shingles?

DaVinci roofing costs about half as much as natural slate or asphalt shingles, with prices ranging from $50 to $100 per square foot, making it a cost-effective option for homeowners.

How much does a DaVinci slate roof cost?

A DaVinci slate roof typically costs around $14.00-$20.00 per square foot, but the final price can vary depending on factors unique to each project. Keep this budget in mind when planning for the cost of your roofing project.

What materials are used in DaVinci roofing?

DaVinci roofing materials are made from a composite material including pure virgin resins, UV and thermal stabilizers, and a highly-specialized fire retardant, closely resembling actual slate or cedar. They provide a natural, non-repeating beauty.

Elias Abadi

Elias Abadi

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It took a few phone calls and patience, and they came and fixed the hole free of charge. In a world of immediate gratification and on demand services, extending grace and trusting people at their word went a long way. The overall experience was great.Response from the ownerMarcus, we appreciate your business and honest review. In exterior renovation we often run into surprises that are hidden, such as rotted wood and so forth. We do our best to address these unplanned events, but your patience and understanding is so greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for allowing us to serve you. ★★★★★ Clean up is bad multiple jobs with metal all over yardAlways thought you’re supposed to clean up when job is doneCalled office and was informed my customer should have stopped me from mowingDoesn’t seem rightElias the owner called meWhich I really appreciatedMade me happy with his customer service supportSo with saying that I’m editing my review to 5 starsThanks for your call it solved everythingResponse from the ownerThanks, we apologize for the mess but glad we could get this resolved. We appreciate your feedback so we can continue to improve. ★★★★★ CoMo Premium has helped me with my personal needs and my needs at my job. They are always super quick to help and offer excellent work! Keep up the great work!Response from the ownerThanks Brooks! That means a lot. 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Great experience, and sincerely appreciated the owner of CoMo Premium Exteriors performing the final job walk through himself.Response from the ownerThank you Renee, we are glad you allowed us to serve you. We appreciate your business and welcome you to the Columbia area. ★★★★★ Response from the ownerThanks! ★★★★★ I can't say enough wonderful things about the Como Premium Exterior team! I have dealt with several of them on different occasions and every time I'm beyond pleased. 2 particular situations that stick out occurred this past year. The first was when we had them out to inspect our roof for hail damage. I was nervous as several of my neighbors were getting new roofs so I was concerned we had damage too. Joe came out and inspected our roof and gutters. He found no damage besides normal wear and tear for its age and as a bonus he also inspected my parent's roof who live next door. I was blown away with his professionalism and honesty. I have also worked with Elias numerous times for quotes on rentals/ flips for roof, siding, windows and gutters. His quotes are always through and accurate. He also does a great job of giving options if we want to dress up the house or are on a tight budget depending on the project and I can't thank him enough for that. I always love his ideas. I highly recommend Como Premium Exteriors!Response from the ownerCara, thank you so much for this kind review and for putting your trust in our company. ★★★★★ I cannot express how thrilled I am with my friend's roofing and house roof fixing services! From start to finish, the entire experience was outstanding. The attention to detail, professionalism, and craftsmanship were top-notch. My roof looks fantastic, and I couldn't be happier with the results. If you're looking for a reliable and skilled roofer, look no further. 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They were easy to get hold of and friendly on anything needing done. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!Response from the ownerPatrick, thank you so much for this amazing review. It was our pleasure to serve you and appreciate your business. ★★★★☆ Did a roof, gutter, and garage trim install with this company. The contact person managing my job was honest. He said he was a new employee and learning the ropes. Thats not why this company gets 4 stars. The mess the roofers and garage trim peeps left in my yard was upsetting and disappointing. I would never in a million years think it was okay to leave trash at someone's home. The guy who did the garage trim broke my house numbers. I called and sent email explaining the problem, the impact and what i thought the solution should be. They came back and retrieved the trash and sent another guy to replace the door numbers.A positive thing I will say about this company is that they actually respond when you leave vm messages or send emails. Consistently professional. I would actually use them again because of that.Response from the ownerAngelique, I want to apologize. That mess should have been cleaned up while the installers were there, not after they left. I am glad to hear we did get things picked up and things repaired as needed. Thank you for letting us know. We are always working to improve our services so thank you for your honest feedback. ★★★★★ Response from the ownerNicolas, thanks for the review. ★★★★★ Very pleased with our experience with CoMo Premium Exteriors following a hailstorm. They responded promptly, communicated through the project, and did an excellent job, working with our insurance company to fund the project.Response from the ownerJim, thank you. We appreciate you taking a moment to leave us this kind review. It was our pleasure to serve you. ★★★★★ My experience started with Cody, who inspected my roof. 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It was our pleasure to serve you and we look forward to working for you again in the future. ★★★★★ I have used Como Premium Exteriors for the past two years for three jobs. There was a large job, medium size job, and a small job. Last year we had our roof replaced and they did an excellent job. My roof looks great, and the employees were professional. After the job was complete, I did find some roofing nails and other small material laying around my yard, though I expected this due to the amount of material being taken down and put up.This year I had a sliding patio door replaced with a custom door, and the door looks amazing! The wait for the door was longer than expected, but I believe this was due to the manufacturer and not Como Exteriors. The door was missing the door handle, which I had to go buy myself. It was in contract that the door came with the door handle, but I have not addressed that issue with Como Exteriors as of writing this review. It was simple enough for me not to worry about it.The small job was replacing my front door with a door I had purchased. This was done the same day the custom door was put in. The door I had bought needed some work done, and the Como Exteriors employees put in the extra effort to make sure the hinges fit flush with the door, and the dead bolt hold in the door also needed to be widened. They did an excellent job, and as an added bonus, I had great conversions throughout the day with the employees.For any future work that needs to be done with my home, I will continue to use Como Premium Exteriors. I also recommend them to others due to the great work they have done with my home.Response from the ownerThank you so much for this review. We appreciate your repeat business! ★★★★★ Couldn't have asked for a better experience. Installers even did extra work to make the install perfect. Highly recommend!Response from the ownerWe love hearing that Steve! Thank you for allowing us to serve you, and for leaving these kind words. ★★★★★ Kyle and Como repaired our roof and replaced our deck after we had storm damage. Kyle was in our corner from the start, helped us deal with insurance adjusters, and got our repairs done expertly and on time. I highly recommend Como Exteriors.Response from the ownerThanks Sarah! We really appreciate your business and are glad we could help. ★★★★★ Had a good experience, albeit a long wait for materials that's out of their hands. Once they started they finished fast and were clean doing it.Response from the ownerScott, we appreciate you taking time to provide us with your feedback. Thanks for being patient on the materials, they can take awhile, but we are glad you were happy with the work performed. We hope to serve you again in the future. ★★★★★ Great company to work with. They installed a roof, siding, and gutters on my new home and did a great job.Response from the ownerThanks, we appreciate your business and this nice review. ★★★★★ They did a great job keeping me informed on the time frames of the arrival and job start date. They were kind and courteous. The installer did a great job explaining everything and making sure we were comfortable with his work as he went. We will definitely be using them again.Response from the ownerIsaac, thank you so much for taking time to leave us this review. It was our pleasure to serve you and hope we get the chance to serve you again in the future. ★★★★★ Very friendly. Front office and the production team. Addressed my roofing issue very promptly and followed up to make sure. Would recommend!Response from the ownerBruce, we really appreciate you taking time to leave us this review. Thank you for allowing us to serve you. ★★★★☆ The folks who actually did the repairs are the true heros. The business suit guy who I interacted with was kind and direct. Not good at communicating, had to call the company twice to ask when they were going do the job. We had already paid. It took the business guy a bit to reach out and communicate. The roofers were great.Clean up wasn't great. Debris and screws were left around the work area. Business end did not follow-up.I would still use this company, as the actual roofers did an awesome job.Response from the ownerNoah, thanks for taking time to leave us this review. Our roofing crews really work hard and we appreciate them so much. I apologize we didn't clean up as well as we should have and, if you would like, I would be happy to have someone come out again and run the magnet and pick up. We have a 1 Year Clean Up Warranty so feel free to call our office to request that, we would be happy to do so. Thanks for the comments on the communications, we're working to improve that within our company so I appreciate you sharing honestly. Thanks for allowing us to serve you. ★★★★★ We had a great experience with CoMo Premium Exteriors! We solicited bids for screening in our existing deck. After careful consideration, we decided that they were the best overall value. The sales rep that was assigned to us was very attentive and responsive. All personnel that worked with us were extremely professional and helpful. The quality of the product is amazing and the installation/finished product was flawless! The owner also came out to ensure the job was done right after completion, which was really appreciated. This extra touch is wonderful! Highly recommend!Response from the ownerTina, thank you. It was our pleasure to serve you and we greatly appreciate you taking time to leave us this wonderful review. ★★★★★ Replaced soffits and facia. Wrapped front porch.Response from the ownerAngela, thanks for the nice review. We enjoyed working with you. Thanks for allowing us to serve you. ★★★★★ Excellent window installation.Response from the ownerDonna, thank you so much for leaving us a review. We appreciate you letting us serve you. ★★★★★ Excellent service and response. When I called the first question Elizabeth asked was if we were all OK. That was enough for me. Kody was very responsive and supportive from the initial assessment, through the repairs, and with follow up after everything was done. Their communications were excellent. I received phone calls, texts, and emails throughout the entire process. Estimating and repairs happened while I was out of town. William kept me updated with calls, texts, and pictures from start to finish. Call CoMo Premium Exteriors first!Response from the ownerThank you so much! We really appreciate you letting us know how you were treated throughout the process. Our team really does care about our customers and in doing the right thing, so thank you for allowing us to serve you. ★★★★★ Everyone involved was great, and the installation crew was not only professional but also friendly and very experienced. I would recommend this company to anyone needing a new roof.Response from the ownerDaniel we really appreciate this kind review. Thank you for allowing us to serve you. ★★★★★ We used Como for new siding, soffits, gutters, and a sliding glass door. The installation was great. Some materials were taking a while to get (like how most things are these days) and I was kept up to date about timelines. My installation was just recently completed but product seems quality. I would recommend them.Response from the ownerKatie thank you so much for taking time to leave us this review. We are humbled by your compliments, and want to say we appreciate your patience while we waited on materials. Thank you for being our customer. ★★★★★ Very professional and quick to complete the new roof installation!Response from the ownerChristy, thank you for taking the time to leave us this review. We appreciate it tremendously. We also thank you for allowing us to serve you. ★★★★★ Como did a great job replacing my roof and gutters. I recommend them for the quality and workmanship .Norry ShahangianResponse from the ownerWe're glad you had a great experience with us. ★★★★★ Was very pleased with gutter replacement work. Russ, project manager, was very professional, kept us abreast of scheduling, was present during installation and ensured complete satisfaction of conducted work. Will recommend CoMo to others.Response from the ownerWe appreciate the kind note! ★★★★★ Incredibly happy with the quality of work and professionalism provided. Roof looks amazing and Russ was awesome to work withResponse from the ownerWow – thanks for your kind remarks! We thrive on this type of feedback, so I’ll be sure to pass this review off to the team. ★★★★★ After severe hail storm Randy came to give estimate. My husband was not there but I felt at ease while he looked at the damage. He spoke in a professional, straightforward manner that was understandable. I asked if he had brochures and immediately he went to vehicle and gave me one. He answered all our questions and would stop by our house if we had any questions. I liked working with this company and personally recommended them to family and friends. They liked them as much as I did.Response from the ownerThank you for taking the time to review us - we appreciate it! ★★★★★ Randy was great!!! Hard worker and made sure everything was done on time and professional! Highly recommend Randy Eppenauer for your home and businessResponse from the ownerThank you for your kind feedback. ★★★★★ We were selling our home and right before the closing date, a hail storm hit. CoMo Premium Exteriors took such good care of us in a timely manner and did a great job.Response from the ownerThank you so much, I'm glad we were able to meet your expectations! ★★★★★ We had to get our roof replaced due to hail damage. Being fairly new homeowners, and never going through a roof replacement before, CoMo Premium Exteriors went above and beyond to help us through the process. We are very pleased with our new roof and gutters, but even more so with the customer service we received. We will definitely be using CoMo Premium Exteriors in the future.Response from the ownerThank you. It was a pleasure serving you and we hope you enjoy your new roof! ★★★★★ Our roof, gutters and more were damaged significantly after a major hail storm in March.CoMo Premium Exteriors surveyed the damage and helped guide us through the insurance claim process. Wes, our project manager was knowledgeable and helpful throughout the project. He responded promptly to calls. Our roof was installed in one day. Due to the lines of our home the gutters were tricky but installers worked hard and did a great job. We are quite pleased with the quality of work and will recommend CoMo to others.Response from the ownerWe truly appreciate your business. Thank you for trusting us with your roofing and gutters project! ★★★★★ Response from the ownerThank you! ★★★★★ Response from the ownerThank you for taking the time to review us - we appreciate it! ★★★★★ Response from the ownerThank you for taking the time to review us - we appreciate it! js_loader

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