Columbia, MO Guttering & Roofing: A Project Plan that Fits Your Needs

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In Columbia during storm season, the weather can vary greatly from large hail to strong winds to a combination of both. Each new season brings the potential for severe and even damaging storms, which means you should be aware of the Columbia, MO guttering & roofing options. CoMo Premium Exteriors is one of the leading roofers in the area, and not only can we perform a full roof inspection, but we can schedule everything from basic repairs to full roofing replacement.

Roofing repairs are one of those things that just makes blood pressure and anxiety meters spike, and nobody likes thinking about the potential costs of repairs after torrential rains or hail storms. This is why it’s crucial to know which roofers in your area are going to be able to offer reliable service with the craftsmanship they stand behind.

The Importance of Columbia, MO Guttering & Roofing

From the searing summer sun to the frigid winds of winter, Columbia, MO gutters & roofs take a considerable beating. Between those two extremes, we also see incredible amounts of rain during the spring and fall.

No matter what season it is, having gutters and a roof that is in good shape and can actively protect your home is essential. Your home is one of your largest and most significant investments, and allowing the elements to infiltrate that investment can cause a considerable loss in value.

Your roofing and guttering are designed to work as a system that moves water off of and away from your home to ensure it does not infiltrate and create interior water damage. Proper guttering also serves to help keep the water from pooling around the base and foundation of your home. If water accumulates near your foundation for lengths of time it can result in leakage, cracks, and settling.

Get Guttering & Roofing That Fits Your Needs

One of the most frustrating experiences as a homeowner is dealing with pushy or high-pressure contractors. No matter the complexity of your roofing or guttering project, we won’t pressure you or use “buy now” schemes. We work hard to explain the process and justify why we are your best choice, but we never you deceptive practices. If you work with us and your project changes scope because of new additions you want to make or because we encounter unexpected issues such as rot or termites, we will make sure that you are kept fully informed of the issue and expenses. You won’t be pushed into additional costs or unwanted services that are not necessary to complete the job correctly.

Transparency Is Important To Our Roofing Family

Being fully transparent is one of the primary goals of our company, and this extends from initial inspections and estimations to the project execution and the finalization and acceptance of completed service. If you are working with insurance to complete a roof replacement, you can be assured that we will communicate with your insurance company regarding necessary services to ensure we install your roof per the manufacturer’s specifications and local code.

We Can Help Make Sure Your Insurer Covers What’s Needed

Sometimes your insurance company can miss exterior items that were damaged by a storm, leaving you to find them later and correct them at your own expense. When we work with your insurer to complete a covered storm loss, we will do a thorough inspection of your home to find all the relevant damage. Insurance adjusters aren’t roofers, and occasionally they may not cover something that is essential to getting your roof done correctly. Cases like this might cause other roofers to simply bill you at the end, but we’ll make sure you know of any speed bumps in the process so that we can handle them together. CoMo Exteriors is ready to be your Columbia, MO guttering & roofing partner.

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