Exterior Projects to Consider for Fall

Exterior Projects to Consider for Fall

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Fall is right around the corner, and while you might be thinking about pumpkin-spiced everything – you should also give some thought to the outside of your home. Doing exterior projects before the weather gets extremely cold and before Fall time rain is important. Let’s go over some of the best exterior projects to consider for fall that you can do for your home while it’s not excruciatingly hot or cold.

Our Favorite Exterior Projects

  1. Roofing
    You have to get your roof right for so many reasons. Roof leaks are a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. If you are missing shingles that is a tell-tale sign that water might be able to get into the interior. Plus, when snow is sitting on your roof and starts to melt, there is a good chance it will find its way in where shingles are missing. Be sure to have a qualified roofer come and inspect the damage.
  2. Tree Trimming
    Fall is a great time to trim up those unruly trees and shrubs, especially those that have grown to the point they are touching your home. If you have trees or shrubs rubbing your siding or roofing, it is a good idea to trim them back before high winds use them to cause exterior damage.
  3. Gutters
    As the leaves begin to Fall it is important to make sure you clean your gutters. While CoMo Premium Exteriors does not offer gutter cleaning, there are many reputable companies to call. If you decide to clean your gutters yourself, make certain your ladder is on solid ground, and never clean gutters when you are home by yourself, in case there is an accident. If you find that your gutters are not draining properly or have damage, call us for a free replacement quote. While we are there we can also price in gutter guards – helping to remove the issues with gutter cleaning together.

Exterior Projects to Consider for Fall: Contact CoMo Premium Exteriors When the Job Gets Too Big

If you find that your roof or other exterior projects need a professional opinion, be sure to contact us. Our estimates are free and we always believe in providing honest and straightforward advice, opinions, and estimates.

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