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Versetta Stone

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Are you familiar with all the ways to beautify your home exterior with Versetta Stone? It’s one of several ways to achieve maximum siding protection with majestic and gorgeous stone material. CoMo Premium Exteriors specializes in several aspects of siding installation, so we want to dedicate a moment to the exceptional stone aesthetic.

What is Versetta Stone?

This is a manufactured stone material that allows you to produce elegant accents as well as all sorts of color schemes into your home siding. It’s actually made by companies as a “veneer” of real stone, which comes with certain advantages like faster installation, lower cost, easier portability, and more abundant labor for installation when compared to traditional mortared products.

There are a few different styles you’ll see with veneer siding. They include carved, tight-cut, and ledge stone styles.

The carved style gives you a clear and clean finish with a nice chiseled texture. Tight-cut stone usually features many smaller stones made to fit together neatly. It also works well for fireplaces and business ambiances. The ledge stone method makes the stones look flatter and more rectangular for a really “stacked together” appearance.

These are just a few ways to do stone accents. There are limitless alternatives, which you can verify just by visiting homes in nice neighborhoods that use them often.

Why Versetta Stone Makes Great Siding

Here’s a list of several reasons you can’t go wrong choosing a manufactured stone for your house:

  • The color variety is nearly limitless. It’s easy to match this type of stone with your roof and other house features.
  • It’s more cost-effective than brick or natural stone masonry.
  • It’s hard to distinguish manufactured from real stone, making it a smart way to service your home with this beautiful material.
  • It’s actually lighter than you think, which helps with maneuverability when it is installed.
  • You apply manufactured stone with screw fasteners rather than mortar. This makes it way less messy and easier to assemble.
  • Good construction crews (like CoMo) can put it together rather quickly.
  • Stone veneer doesn’t chip or break too easily. You can expect them to last multiple decades (75 years on the high end).
  • It’s pretty fireproof. Veneer siding is rated Class A for smoke and flame spread.
  • This is a terrific way to add lots of value and curb appeal to your home.

Things To Watch Out for With Stone Siding

As usual, there are a few minor drawbacks to using stone siding, but they’re pretty manageable. The big issue for some homeowners may be the price tag. The manufactured stone is less expensive than natural stone, but you’ll pay much more for it than you would wood vinyl and most other siding materials.

Also, it’s possible for stone material to appear sloppy and absorb water without proper installation. Some folks think you can do this kind of task by yourself, but we don’t recommend it. If you need more information about siding options, be sure to check out this post about the best exterior siding material options.

CoMo Can Install Any Siding for Homes in Columbia, MO

It doesn’t matter if you protect your home with stone, vinyl, engineered wood, cedar, or fiber cement, CoMo does it all. We just want to remind you that, although these materials can make your house look great, it’s easy for them to turn out sloppy if you try doing it yourself. Always call the pros for good siding, especially if you want something special like stone installed.

CoMo Premium Exteriors is a fully licensed contractor with an A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). BloggerLocal mentions us as the Top Rated Exterior Remodeler in the Columbia area. For further proof, check out our glowing reviews or see our awesome 4.8/5.0 score on Google Reviews.

Thanks for reading through this brief introduction to Versetta Stone and don’t forget to contact CoMo with all your windows, siding, and roofing needs.

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