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We think you’ll love finding out how you can dramatically enhance your home’s exterior with high-quality Missouri-made Target Windows. Having installed 1,000’s windows in Mid-Missouri, CoMo Premium Exteriors knows good windows vs bad windows for Missouri homeowners. Disappointed with longer and longer lead times from window manufacturers out of state, we began looking for options that provide high-quality windows with faster delivery. We were excited to find a manufacturer here in Missouri that satisfied both of these requirements. Today, CoMo Premium Exteriors is the exclusive dealer for Target Windows and Doors in Columbia and Jefferson City, although we can provide these high-quality windows throughout all of Mid-Missouri. Although we know that sometimes window replacement from a handful of different companies such as Pella or Andersen is necessary for the situation, we prefer installing this more local, high-quality favorite. This article will give you the reasons why Target Windows are the best window option for those needing vinyl windows.

The Target Windows Company

Target first began manufacturing windows in 1978. Their headquarters is right here in mid-Missouri in the city of Vandalia. They produce three excellent window series.

  1. Elite Window Series
  2. Reality Window Series
  3. Ultra Window Series

While there are many great features that make Target Windows our preferred window, here are just some of the unique features they offer.

Warm Edge Sealing System
Most modern residential window systems are made with dual-pane glass because the air space between the two panes greatly increases the window’s insulation qualities. An edge spacer is used to separate the two panes. Many window manufacturers use a metal edge spacer, but since metal conducts energy, the contact between the glass and spacer significantly lowers the window’s thermal performance around the edge of the glass. Target’s windows use warm-edge technology instead of a metal spacer. No glass-to-metal contact occurs, thus reducing energy transfer at the edge of the glass and lowering the U-factor. This keeps the window edge warmer during cold weather and also reduces the flow of heat into the home during hot weather. Target’s warm-edge sealing system also reduces condensation on the window sash.

More Standard Features
The Elite Window Series includes many great standard features including a fusion-welded frame and sash, interlock system with triple weatherstripping seals on sashes, smoothest surface finish in the industry, full 1” insulated glass with Triple Silver 366 Low E w/ argon, and so much more.

What We Like About Target Windows

  • Target Windows vinyl frame is thicker than both Andersen Windows and Pella Windows.
  • Target Windows have more standard features (such as more Argon gas) than other manufacturers charge for.
  • Target Windows installs higher quality hardware.
  • Target Windows are made right here in Missouri, and it’s always good to support local businesses.

Many Good Reasons to Replace Your Windows

For many homeowners, the idea to replace their windows starts with a problem with just one of them. As an example, a homeowner may have a broken window or a window in their bedroom with a draft. Typically, most windows on your home are the same age, so if one is starting to wear out and become drafty, usually the rest are as well. Homeowners grow accustomed to having higher energy bills over time from drafty windows and they don’t realize how much they could save with newer, more energy-efficient windows. But there are other great reasons to replace your windows, besides just improved efficiency, such as:

  • You want to boost curb appeal, upgrade the look of your home, or modernize an older home with superior materials.
  • Sometimes, as you get older, it’s important to make sure you can open/close windows even if your grip isn’t as strong as it once was. New windows can eliminate difficulties with windows that get stuck often.
  • You want to shut out the noise better. The windows we install are typically thicker with vastly superior and more sophisticated materials. Replacing your windows with something new can dramatically reduce the noise from lawnmowers, passing traffic, and so forth.

For further reading on the subject, check out this post on 5 reasons you should care about replacing your windows.

Let CoMo Premium Exteriors Replace Your Windows

CoMo Premium Exteriors does plenty of window replacements in Columbia and other parts of central Missouri. Target Windows come from nearby, so we enjoy installing those as well as other popular brands like Pella, Andersen, and VinylMax.

CoMo earns the honor of Top Rated Remodeler, according to the online reviewer, BloggerLocal. Many other homeowners like you give us great praise for work on windows, doors, siding, and roofing. We have a nearly perfect score on Google Reviews and plenty of nice testimonials.

Call us to find out what CoMo can do for you by installing new windows in your home!

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