Why Andersen Windows are a Great Option for Centralia, MO Homeowners

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Getting new windows is a major facelift for your property. Not only can new windows provide a fresh, new look for your home or investment property, but they can help boost the overall property value and add years of protection from the elements.

Andersen windows are one of the leading providers of windows for both new constructions as well as upgrades on existing homes. They have a list of benefits that makes them perfect for homes in Centralia as well as for the greater Mid-Missouri area.

Anyone who has lived in our region for more than a year knows that we get a significant mix of weather patterns. In some cases, the seasonal weather we do expect ends up coming in harder than we’re used to. Spring storms that cause hail can create some incredibly damaging storms, and the right windows for your home are going to be not only the windows that protect against the elements but also protect the appearance and value of your home. Anderson windows have several options for delivering the ideal appearance while still staying under budget, so your project can wrap up with the result you want.

What Makes Andersen Windows So Special?

Andersen Windows is a company that was founded back in 1903 with the goal of making sure everyone has access to high-quality Windows solutions. They are available in a huge variety of both materials and designs and offer quality and value.

Andersen also has provided jobs to more than 10,000 people in the US, and they contribute nearly $3 billion in revenue, annually. They maintain a close partnership with Energy Star and have been awarded high honors previously, due in part to the commitment to environmentally stable, eco-conscious, sustainable window production.

Which Andersen Windows Series Is For Me?

Depending on your needs, and what your specific window project calls for, there are several different window series that are offered by Andersen.

100 Series

The 100 Series is a window collection made from sustainable and energy-efficient Fibrex. They have a signature sleek appearance and easily help improve energy costs for the home.

200 Series

The 200 Series is an option for those who specifically want wood windows. They are a middle-ground option between the most extensive upgrades and energy efficiency. They are a budget option that can still come with an enormous range of energy and design options for the buyer.

400 Series

The Andersen 400 Series is not only one of their most popular lines but also one of their most energy efficient. They have one of the longest lifespans available and have significant durability and weather-resistant options built-in. The 400 Series is also famously easy to maintain, day-to-day.


The Andersen A-Series is another highly popular line available from Andersen and is one of the most efficient window series they offer. A-Series windows can be ordered in either fiberglass or composite.


Wood windows with aluminum shells make perfect residential windows. They can be used in countless applications, and have modern appearances with long-lasting hardware.

Target Windows Are Also A Great Option In Centralia

Many homeowners are familiar with Andersen Windows and seek them out since they have a strong brand name in the market. But another great window that is made locally in Missouri is a brand many have never heard of – Target Windows and Doors. Target Windows are quality-made custom replacement windows that have many features and benefits for a lower price point than Andersen Windows. In business since 1978, Target Windows is a reliable company with a proven history. CoMo Premium Exteriors recommends these windows due to their quality manufacturing, speed of shipping, and a solid warranty. For those in Centralia, MO, or anywhere in our service area that is looking at windows – Target is a great option.

Andersen Windows: CoMo Premium Exteriors Will Make Sure You Get The Look & Function You Want

If you were considering giving your home an upgrade soon, but the thought of pricing out the right windows has you anxious, talk to a trusted local expert. Reach out to CoMo Premium Exteriors today, and talk about your Andersen or Target windows needs with one of the best local installers.

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