What is the LP Smart Siding Installation Process Like?

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Many homeowners that are considering updating or upgrading the siding on their home wonder what the LP Smart Siding installation process is like, and whether it’s going to be highly complicated or relatively simple. While all siding installation companies are going to be a little different, there are some common elements that you will see when getting your LP Smart Siding installed. We’re going to look at what you can expect when you work with CoMo Premium Exteriors.

What is the LP Smart Siding Installation Process Like?


The first step in the process is generally going to be the initial consultation and proposal creation. During this step, a siding professional will make an appointment to come to your home, take measurements, and create a highly-detailed proposal that takes into account your needs and wants.

Old Siding Removal

If the proposal is accepted, it means the project can move forward. Once the materials have arrived at the home, the contractor will begin stripping off all of the old siding. The contractor will remove the old siding, and perform a thorough inspection of the underlying structures for damage or rot. If there is any damage, it will need to be repaired before installation can continue.

Taping Windows & Doors

Windows and doors are always potential points of moisture intrusion, so they need to be weather-proofed again so that they are not exposed. Window and door frames will be taped with window tape that provides a barrier against water and other contaminants

Siding Layout

Before the installation, the LP Smart Siding installation process requires that the layout be created to ensure optimal placement. The layout helps the contractors determine which pieces need to be cut or otherwise altered. This step ensures that the starting and ending points are pre-determined and that the siding is being installed straight, in relation to the house, but not necessarily level.


The LP Smart Siding installation process starts with the application of a moisture barrier, which helps protect your home’s structure from the damaging effects of the weather. Then, the contractor will install the panels according to the planned layout. Every panel is inspected, measured, cut, and fastened, making sure to pay special attention to details like corners.


In some installations, there will be soffit and fascia installed, as well as trim. Once the rest of the general installation is complete, there is often a round of touch-ups that takes place to make sure everything looks its best, and verify that all seams and potential points of water penetration are caulked. Then we’ll do the final walk around with you, and you’ll be able to get your first look at your new siding.

LP Smart Siding Warranty

While LP Smart Siding is a good product, it is important that customers know that its warranty is not as good as James Hardie. CoMo Premium Exteriors typically recommends James Hardie over LP for several reasons, but the warranty is an important aspect to any larger investment such as siding. James Hardie provides a stronger warranty and has a reputation for standing behind their product and ensuring problems are handled, than does LP.

Partner With A Trusted Local Leader In LP Smart Siding

CoMo Premium Siding has been a trusted siding installer for individuals and families in the Columbia area for years, and we’re committed to providing accurate information and an exceptional finished product. If you’re thinking about an LP Smart Siding installation, reach out to one of our experienced team members to talk about the details.

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