Cost to Replace your Siding


How much does it cost to replace your siding?

It depends on the following factors:

The type of material that we remove from the existing wall. Is it fiber cement, wood, masonite siding, vinyl, or etc?
For example: if we tear off vinyl siding, it would be more affordable than fiber cement. Because the vinyl siding is lighter and easier to tear off; on the other hand, the fiber cement weights much more and takes longer to tear off.

The number of the stories or the elevation of the house.
For instance: if the house is tall, it takes more time to install siding. Also, if the house is cut up, there would be more cut and waste on the materials.

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The most importantly, the type of material we want to install. There are a variety of options: vinyl, James Hardie fiber cement, wood product, shake siding, or etc.
For example, the vinyl siding is the most affordable way to go as far as labor and material cost.

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