What is the Process for Installing Replacement Windows?

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The overall process of installing replacement windows can be intimidating, and even an overwhelming task, for any homeowner. What’s more, the process can change drastically based on what your situation is, and what the contractor finds when they start to remove the old windows. We’re going to look at the different methods for replacing windows, and some of the most common issues that you should keep an eye out for.

There Are Multiple Methods For Installing Replacement Windows

Installing replacement windows isn’t as easy as some think, and there are several methods to choose from, based on what type of window it is. Here are two common examples.

Full-Frame Replacement

  1. Carefully remove the interior trim and sash.
  2. Remove the exterior trim and window frame.
  3. Inspect the rough opening and check for rot or other damage. 
  4. Install the new window, following the manufacturer’s instructions and industry best practices.
  5. Secure the window using the recommended fasteners once the window is level and plumb.
  6. Fill any gaps around the window to ensure it is fully insulated and sealed.
  7. Install the exterior trim.
  8. Install the interior trim.

Insert Window Replacement

  1. Remove the existing sash along with any existing hardware.
  2. Inspect the existing frame and look for any signs of damage or rot.
  3. Prepare the frame by cleaning it and applying any weatherstripping that might be needed.
  4. Install the new window according to the instructions and general best practices, ensuring it’s plumb, and level.
  5. Secure the window in the usual fashion with appropriate fasteners.
  6. Be sure to insulate and seal the window to prevent air or water leakages.
  7. Reinstall any hardware or balances that are needed for the window to function properly.
  8. Caulk, seal, and repaint the existing trip as needed.

Common Issues When Installing Replacement Windows

During the installation process, there is the potential for the contractor to encounter one or more issues that pop up, even if already planned for. Below are three of the biggest challenges and most common issues when installing replacement windows in your home.

Discovering Rot

This is always a possibility to find rot or mold inside walls near a window, particularly if the window is in relatively bad shape or was poorly installed. Leaking over time allows mold to grow, and the mold rots the wood. All affected wood will need to be replaced, complicating the installation.

Different Manufacturers Measure Windows Differently

There are multiple methods for measuring and fitting replacement windows, and many manufacturers use a unique process. Some may measure from jamb to jamb, while others may use the casing as a measurement reference point. What’s critical is that the right measurements are used with the right replacement windows, so that the installation goes smoothly.

Asbestos Siding

Countless homes built before the 1980s have a significant chance of containing asbestos products like siding or insulation. This poses a considerable health risk, and since the installation will disturb the asbestos it must be removed first, creating an entire home siding job from a window installation.

A good contractor will be able to help you test for asbestos siding and will have a plan to minimize the disruption caused by the extra work.

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