What Is The Proper Way of Replacing Your Windows?

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Yes, there is indeed a proper way of replacing your windows, and it’ll make a big difference in the way they function and protect your home. CoMo Premium Exteriors promises to do it the right way when you hire us for installation. First, we’d like to elaborate a few factors that affect window replacement.

The Basics of Replacing Your Windows

The process of replacing windows depends on the specific home situation. It might look different if you decide to switch between, say, a vinyl window and a wood window. It also makes a big difference whether it’s a new construction or a replacement window.

The exterior material of your home also has an impact. Vinyl siding, James Hardie, and LP Siding are all a little different and require knowledge of their installation requirements to ensure that once your windows are installed that the siding is correctly flashed and trimmed.

It is also important when installing windows to understand how the new window will affect the interior around the window. Some windows sit right up against the existing drywall and require very little work, while other situations require manipulating or installing trim.

The glass packages available are also a large consideration since there are many different configurations and options. You can order windows with grids or without, in double or triple pane, and with UV protection. There is no right or wrong answer, it all comes down to preference, budget, and goals.

What kind of weather best supports a window installation project?

There isn’t really an ideal time because you’ll lose energy efficiency during the installation one way or the other. We try, however, to make it as quick as possible, so that you don’t have a hole in your home for too long. The time of year doesn’t make too much difference overall, what is important is that the windows are installed correctly.

Why You Should Care About Replacing Your Windows

Granted, you may wonder why you should place any emphasis on changing out your windows. We invite you to review these 5 reasons you should care about replacing your windows.

5 Advantages to Changing Your Windows

  1. Lower Your Energy Bills
    • Once we complete the installation, you’ll be glad you made the investment. If this is the most important variable for you, then we recommend a reliable double-pane window arrangement that won’t suffer from window condensation and other aggravations.
  2. Improve Window Functionality
    • You shouldn’t need gorilla strength to open and shut windows. Once they start to stick or require extra labor opening them, it’s time to replace them.
  3. Reduce Noise
    • Older windows, those with compromised seals, will allow outdoor noise into your home more readily. New windows also help you enjoy better privacy.
  4. Boost Curb Appeal
    • Have you seen the gorgeous windows available these days? There are dozens of designs ranging from single/double-pane windows to awning or casement windows with a wide range of materials, colors, and styles.
  5. Long-Term Investment
    • Have you noticed that boosting curb appeal and making your home energy efficient always lead to greater home value? It’s hard to ignore, which is why you should treat a window project like an investment.

Call a Pro for Window Installation

You might have the urge to tackle a window project by yourself, but we don’t recommend it. For one thing, if you take out an old window and find lots of wood rot, then you’ll need help to replace most of the framework, and you may also need to manipulate the siding. In addition, measuring windows can be difficult, and if you order the wrong size and it doesn’t fit, you may find it difficult to find a solution. Ultimately, it’s too risky to spend lots of money on premium window materials, only to lose functionality or efficiency from poor installation.

Hire CoMo Premium Exteriors for Prompt & Reliable Installation

So, if you’re serious about new windows, then let the pros at CoMo Premium Exteriors help you get it in there perfectly. That’s what we do for bay windows, egress windows, and any other popular style.

Don’t be afraid to ask us about manufacturer and service warranties. We guarantee great service, but if we make a mistake somewhere, we’ll honor our word and address the problem. We serve several locations, all the way from Jefferson City and Columbia to Ashland, Hallsville, and more.

You can get in touch with us anytime for a free estimate on replacing your windows with CoMo Premium Exteriors.

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