What Are The Most Popular Siding Colors to Consider?

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So, what are the most popular siding colors for homes around Columbia, Missouri?

Color selection may be a subjective matter, but you should see what other homeowners like, at least as a source of inspiration. Also, don’t forget that choosing a marketable home siding color gives you an advantage if you ever wish to sell your home.

Popular Siding Colors in Mid-Missouri

Sometimes the particular community in the Midwest will drive siding color preferences significantly. In our market, whether in Columbia, Jefferson City, or Moberly, you see a lot of the darker tones (blues and grays). In historic areas like Booneville, you’ll find white siding with dark trims. Even further East, you will find that the best St Louis siding companies are designing and installing different siding colors and style that we see in mid Missouri, and further West such as Kansas City,

Then again, gray colors might be popular, but a homeowner may have their heart set on a specific style, which works just fine. We want to work for the homeowner and bring you whatever it is you’d want to see every day when you drive home from work.

If you don’t know what colors you want, we recommend driving around your neighborhood and surveying which colors stand out to you (take pictures, if it helps). Chances are you can replicate that color with either vinyl siding, LP SmartSiding, or James Hardie Siding.

Popular Siding Colors That Boost Home Resale Value

There are many siding choices that will help you build home value. For the sake of simplicity, let’s break it down to three different criteria: home architecture, neighborhood trends, and HOA requirements.

  1. Home Architecture
    • The home design itself will give you clues about how to pick colors. Do you have more of a Colonial style home? That goes better with light or neutral colored siding. On the other hand, if you own more of a Victorian home, it would make more sense to explore other vibrant colors. There are several other examples like this.
  2. Neighborhood Trends
    • You don’t have to turn it into a popularity contest or “keeping up with the Joneses.” However, it’s harder to maintain home value if you try something radically different from what’s around you. We have many service areas, and some are pretty similar, whereas others differ significantly. Overall, it’s good to know what’s trending if you think you might sell your home soon.
  3. HOA Requirements
    • Do you live in a HOA-managed community? Then chances are you have specific restrictions on what you can do with all your exterior fixtures, including the colors on siding, windows, the roof, and so forth.

Other Terrific Siding Styles

Have you seen the houses that use Versetta Stone for part of their siding? They’re a unique and ornate way of siding that you might see on the pillars of homes. These veneer stones look like traditional siding stones, but they piece together differently, and don’t require mortaring. Best yet, they can be installed by siding contractors (like CoMo Premium Exteriors) and don’t require a mason.

Versetta Stone is a great option to help accent a wall near a door or on the front of the home. It goes well with all types of siding and comes in multiple colors to help it provide a unique look for your home.

Call CoMo Premium Exteriors for Expert Siding Installation

There are lots of ways to re-side your home, and if you decide to go through with it, then we hope you’ll keep us in mind. You probably already know that siding installation is not a DIY-friendly project, even for hanging vinyl siding. Therefore, it’s good to utilize the services of a trained and insured contractor.

CoMo Premium Exteriors can help you choose colors for your siding, roof, windows, and almost anything else for your home’s exterior. Your preferences and homeowner goals are our top consideration during every project.

If you’d like to speak to somebody on our team about popular siding colors and materials, then contact us anytime during the week for further assistance.

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