What Makes One Roofing Company Better than Another?

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Homeowners that are considering hiring a roofing company for their roof replacement project need to carefully consider their options. Without knowing what to look for, there’s the potential of hiring a low-quality contractor that is unable to meet your specific roofing needs or who will cut corners on material or installation quality. We’re going to dig into what factors can be researched to distinguish one roofing company from another. We’ll also look at why CoMo Premium Exteriors is the leading Columbia-area roofer.

What Makes One Roofing Company Better than Another?


Professional certifications and credentialing can help homeowners feel more secure that they are working with a reputable company. Leading shingle manufacturers such as GAF and Owens Corning offer certifications to contractors that meet certain criteria related to installation knowledge and financial strength. CoMo Premium Exteriors is the only local roofing company that holds the top level of certification with both Owens Corning and GAF. Since GAF is the leading shingle manufacturer in the nation, their certification of CoMo Premium Exteriors can give homeowners confidence that the roofs they install are of the highest quality.

Detailed Scope Of The Work

Less than reputable companies will frequently give a generalized, sometimes outright vague scope of the work to be done. The scope of work is a document that should clearly outline the specifics of the project and outline the work that will be performed and specify those activities that will and will not be included. Detailed project scopes will typically be written in an easy-to-read format and not use terminology that is confusing to the customer. In addition, terms and conditions should be clearly stated so that both parties understand how they are protected.


It may seem obvious, but be sure you look into the company’s online reviews, leveraging a platform where they cannot pay to have negative items removed. A simple Google review search will often give you a good rundown of the general opinion of the company, with insight into their satisfied customers, and those who were not. When looking at reviews be sure to take note if the company responds to reviews and how many reviews they have in total.


Another critical point to consider when hiring a roofer is what their communication style is like. You want a contractor that’s going to border on over-communication because having more information about what is going on with your project is never a bad thing. The best contractors will also leverage automated communication channels to keep their clients updated; utilizing email and text messages to provide status updates.


When selecting a roofing contractor you always want to pick the one that can clearly articulate their process and the benefits of their products without pressuring you. Many times with roofing there may be insurance involved. When insurance is involved it is important that you select a contractor that can explain the process to you and how they will work with you and your insurance company to ensure your roof is installed per manufacturer specifications and local building codes. If insurance is not involved it is still important that your roofing company answer your questions about the overall process, how their warranties work, and can provide information on their workers compensation and general liability insurance policies.

Level Of Workmanship

Ultimately, the level of workmanship you experience is going to clearly illustrate whether you are working with one of the best roofing contractors, or just another roofer. Materials should be brand new, expertly installed, and equipped with a considerable warranty from the roofer.

What CoMo Premium Exteriors Brings To Your Project


CoMo employs experienced roofing craftsmen, with specialized training and expertise for the materials and processes we use. Our team ensures your roof will meet the most stringent industry standards, resulting in a durable and long-lasting roof that maintains the manufacturer’s warranty.


From start to finish, our level of professionalism sets us apart from any other roofing company. CoMo holds the highest respect for you, and your property, and adherence to strict safety protocols. We’ll make sure you get the roof you need with minimal disruption to your daily life.

Complete Satisfaction

CoMo Premium Exteriors understands that your satisfaction is the cornerstone upon which our entire business is built, so if you’re not happy, we’re not happy. We will do everything we can to help you feel like you got your money’s worth from our services.

Partner With The Leading Columbia-Area Roofing Company

When you’re comparing roofing companies, remember to look at their certifications, the level of detail in their proposals, the education they provide, overall customer sentiment, and their communication. CoMo Premium Exteriors excels in all areas and is ready to be the local roofing company that you trust to help protect one of your most significant investments: your home.

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