What Winter Roof Maintenance Preparations Do I Need to Make?

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CoMo Premium Exteriors recommends making a few winter roof maintenance adjustments so you can stay ahead of the curve and extend your roof’s lifespan. We experience difficult bouts of icy rain and snow during the winter in Missouri. Therefore, it makes sense for you to take a few precautions to winterize your exterior, which we’ll show you how to do in this article.

Remember To Do These Winter Roof Maintenance Basics

Since we’re in the winter months, it’s important to do a full inspection especially if you have a roofing system that’s older than 10 or 15 years.

What should you check? First, make sure your gutters are clean and you don’t have a bunch of debris clogged in the valleys (the part of the roof where two different slopes meet). You should also keep an eye out for loose shingles, granules, or anything else that indicate the need for a significant roof repair.

It’s all about preparing your home for the rainy/snowy months, which will pose a challenge to your roof and gutters. Much of this you can DIY, but it also helps to have a professional like us look at everything.

We can access the hard-to-reach areas that are sometimes unsafe for homeowners to inspect. We’re licensed and prepared to look around and make sure those integral parts of the roofing system are intact and able to withstand a harsh winter.

Roof Issues That May Require Maintenance

Our inspectors regularly encounter certain repair issues that require either maintenance or a full replacement. The most frequent culprits are old age, hail or wind damage, tree limbs, or animals. Many of these become more apparent when we’re heading into the winter months.

Clogged gutters are a dangerous issue because it can lead to water damming and could cause your gutters to come loose. Plus, if water is ice damming that ice can get up under the shingles causing interior leaking

What about climate factors? Well, we had yet another scorching summer this year, which probably took its toll on your shingles as well. The high heat and humidity can lead them to buckle and erode. If you see this or any other signs of degradation, contact CoMo Premium Exteriors for an evaluation.

Roof Replacement Options with CoMo

What kind of roofing services do we offer? There are three styles we install often: flat roofs, shingle roofs, and metal roofs.

  1. Flat Roofing
    • If your home has a flat roof section or you own a building with a flat roof it is important to trust repairs or replacements to professionals. Not all roofers know all the requirements to ensure flat roofs are properly installed. We can put together an outstanding flat roof from materials such as PVC, modified bitumen, TPO rubber, and spray-on coating.
  2. Shingle Roofing
    • Shingles are very popular these days, and the color applications are much more vibrant than back in the old days. Asphalt materials are easier to install and repair, tend to be more affordable than metal, and carry competitive manufacturer and service warranties.
  3. Metal Roofing
    • These are the longest-lasting roofs available. If you have the budget for it, and plan to stay in your home awhile, then consider investing in a metal roof for your Missouri home.

Call CoMo Premium Exteriors for Help with Winter Roof Maintenance

CoMo Premium Exteriors is your go-to source for anything related to roof replacement or repairs. Of course, you’ll also want to spend some time looking over your windows, doors, siding, and other exterior components to make sure they’re winter ready. These are all core competencies for us, so we’re happy to give you a few upkeep pointers.

We serve several areas throughout Mid-Missouri, including Columbia, Jefferson City, Ashland, Centralia, and more. All inspections for roofing and siding are free, so you have nothing to lose by reaching out to us.

If you have any further questions regarding winter roof maintenance, please contact CoMo Premium Exteriors anytime.

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